California CDL Hazardous Materials Practice Test (CA) 2021

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  • 20 Questions
  • 80% Passing Score
  • 4 Mistakes Allowed
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California CDL Test Facts

  • Questions: 50
  • Correct answers to pass: 40
  • Passing score: 80%
  • Test locations: Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Offices
  • Test languages: English, Spanish
  • Based upon: California Commercial Driver Handbook
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Are you trying to ascertain which endorsements you will need for your commercial driver’s license? There are quite a few to choose from! If you think that you may require a California hazmat endorsement or “H” endorsement, the resources found on this page can help you. This is the home of our California hazmat endorsement practice test, which is soon to be your greatest weapon in studying for the hazardous materials permit. Driving any vehicle from Class C, Class B or Class A which transports materials that could be harmful to the environment or human health will require a CA hazmat permit. The hazardous material types listed in the guidelines for this permit include but are not limited to explosives, gas, flammable substances, poisons, radioactive materials, corrosive substances and toxins. As you can imagine, transporting these materials safely is an enormous responsibility! Consequently, the hazmat test in California is challenging and extensive, featuring 30 permit test questions on some technically-complex topics. Thankfully, our CDL hazmat practice test for California drivers can make studying for this difficult 2021 DMV written test a whole lot easier!

Of course, the CA CDL hazmat test is not the only written assessment you will need to take before becoming qualified to transport hazardous materials. Like all aspiring commercial drivers of every industry, you will first need to pass the general knowledge test CDL California exam, which covers basic vehicle control, general road rules and signs. Our CDL general knowledge practice test for California drivers can assist you in your studies if you have not yet achieved a pass on the CDL general knowledge DMV permit test. Should this be the case, you should deal with your California CDL general knowledge revision first and return to the 2021 hazmat practice test later. It is quite likely that you will also need to pass both the Air Brakes endorsement and Combination Vehicles endorsement exams, or just the Air Brakes exam, if the vehicle you aim to drive qualifies as Class A or Class B respectively. Plus, as many hazardous materials are transported in liquid form, it may be necessary to obtain a Tank Vehicles endorsement to accompany your hazmat qualification. For each of the CDL license endorsements you may require, we have a high-quality California DMV CDL practice test here on that can help you.

This California hazmat practice test 2021 quiz contains an array of authentic permit test questions targeting the exact topics you will be assessed on during the real DMV test. Studying the Hazardous Materials section of the permit test study guide will be essential to your success, as there is a great deal of information for each sub-topic that could appear during the actual California DMV hazmat test. While working through the questions on this DMV learners permit practice test for California applicants, you can expect to be quizzed on containment rules for different materials, loading and unloading procedures, hazardous material identification, hazmat placards and what to do in an emergency leak or crash. Developing an in-depth knowledge of this material is vital if you hope to protect yourself and others from harm. Using our DMV California practice test for the H endorsement alongside the permit book is the fastest way to get up-to-speed and ensure you understand the information sufficiently.

Most students find they can work through the CDL hazmat test questions and answers from California on this free CDL practice test in as little as five minutes. How long will it take you on your first attempt?