Many first-time driver’s license applicants find memorizing road signs for the permit test to be the most daunting aspect of their study journey. To navigate California roadways safely, you must be able to recognize hundreds of different road signs and pavement markings, even if they are not signs you have encountered previously. Before you can start learning to drive, you must prove your knowledge of road signs and road rules by passing the CA DMV permit test. Here at, we are all about making your preparation for the DMV written test as easy as possible. To save you flicking back and forwards through the road sign section of the driving manual, we have included every road sign and pavement marking you must learn, right here on this page!

How many questions you will face on the California permit test is determined by your age when submitting your license application papers. Learner drivers under 18 years old must answer 46 multiple choice questions, whereas adult applicants are only required to answer 36 questions. On both permit tests, roughly one quarter of the exam will focus on road sign and pavement marking-related questions. This does not sound too intimidating on the face of things but remember that there are hundreds of different road signs which could be addressed during these 8 to 12 permit test questions. To guarantee yourself a pass on the California DMV written test, you must commit every single road sign on this page to memory. Don’t worry, we’ve got some fantastic resources and tips to help you through it.

Browsing through the individual road signs listed on this page, you will notice that they are split up into five main categories: warning signs, regulatory signs, work zone signs, guide signs and pavement markings. The categories are based on the general function of the road signs they contain, for instance: regulatory signs all enforce road rules and warning signs all inform drivers of impeding hazards. Being able to recognize which category a road sign belongs to, based on its color and shape, is a big step towards understanding the exact meaning of the sign. This will help you during the DMV permit test for California applicants, if a road sign comes up that you are not immediately familiar with. We discuss road sign categories, symbols, letters and meanings in detail during the “Signs, Signals & Markings” module of our free driver’s education course. It would be wise to work through the drivers ed program in addition to studying the road signs on this page and reading the DMV handbook.

Testing your driving knowledge with a realistic DMV written practice test is a great way to make sure you have what it takes to pass the written exam. As road signs are such an important and challenging topic, we have built a dedicated road signs permit practice test for California learners. The quiz features authentic permit test questions on every major road sign category, just like those you will be asked at the DMV test office while taking the assessment. Plus, unlike many online resources, our road signs DMV test practice tools are 100% free to use! Keep in mind that driver’s who are required to sit a written assessment to renew an expired or suspended license would also benefit from using these CA DMV practice test quizzes, as road sign will almost certainly account for some of the questions on the exam.

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