Getting ready for the California DMV permit test can be fast, free and fun! Every learning resource you need to see you through this initial written examination can be found right here, on Unlike many other websites which offer similar learning tools and study guides, the driver’s education course, DMV practice tests and road sign information pages we provide are available free of charge, for as long as you need them. Your first task on the road to becoming a qualified license holder will be passing the 46-question DMV written test. Keep reading to find out exactly how you should organize your studies for this assessment.

The 2024 permit test in California only contains 46 questions if you are taking it as a minor. License applicants over 18 years old will be given a slightly shorter, 36-question exam paper. While there are no official rules about the make-up of the tests, around three quarters of the questions on both the adult and teen permit tests will target rules of the road. Keep in mind that among these questions, there will be several questions on traffic fines and alcohol awareness. This leaves the remaining quarter of the DMV permit test for road signs and pavement markings. So, if you thought you could flick through the road signs section of the CA DMV handbook and be all set to ace the permit test – think again. However, applicants who are up-to-speed with most topics but need to spend more time with road signs specifically should focus on this chapter of the manual and our dedicated road signs information page.

The best way to make sure you are ready for anything the randomized California DMV written test can throw at you, is to work through our free driver’s education course from start to finish. The drivers ed course contains complete, dedicated chapters on rules of the road, road signs, alcohol awareness and driver responsibility. There is also a whole host of additional information that you will need throughout your studies, once you are qualified to begin driving under supervision. These modules cover essential practical driving information, such as vehicle control, defensive driving, vehicle maintenance and driving in hazardous conditions. You may not need much of this information in preparation for the California permit test, though it is best to start getting acquainted with it as soon as possible.

Our permit test learning resources are suitable for all student drivers from Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and every other California city. However, you will still need to read through a current copy of the CA driving manual to make sure you have studied every state-specific road rule and traffic law. Once you have finished the manual and completed out California driver’s education course, you can start fine tuning your knowledge of the permit test topics, using our free DMV test practice quizzes. Every California DMV practice test we provide has been built using legitimate permit test questions, sourced from real past exam papers. They are exactly like the questions you will be asked during the actual DMV learners permit test.

Aside from the fact that they are free, the best thing about our DMV permit practice test quizzes is the versatility they provide. Regardless of where you are in your learning plan, or which topics you wish to address, there will be something to suit you in our collection of California DMV practice tests. If you are just getting started, why not begin with our short, mixed-question road rule and road sign quiz. Enjoy!

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