Need a good drivers study guide to help you study for the DOL permit test, preferably free and something you could simply download off the Internet, instead of having to drive a hundred miles to get?  You've come to the right place! The official Washington State drivers manual 2024 is one of the written test study resources you can get and it doesn't cost a penny!  Grab your copy of the handbook right now and keep reading to find out how you can save some time on not trying to memorize things that won't be on your permit test!

The good news is that the Washington state drivers book has already been filtered down by the DOL itself and so it is not as overladen with information that won't be on the permit test as some of the similar driver manuals in other states.  Still, there is always room for improvement and you could slim the book even further!  For instance, you could skip the first chapter - "The Driver License" - since it talks about obtaining a drivers license, what the knowledge test will be like, driver license renewals and other things that will not be on the test.  You could start with chapter 2 (don't forget to read the back of the drivers handbook cover, it lists some of the Washington road signs you need to learn) and read all the way through chapter 6 - Emergencies.  That's it, you're done!  Don't bother with vehicle licensing - you are not being tested on this and there is no need to fill your head with this useless information!

One of the things the current Washington DOL book is missing is a decent practice permit test.  Practice tests is a great way to gauge your current skills and pinpoint all your weaknesses so you can revisit the corresponding chapters of the drivers manual and review that information one more time, it would be great to see an official WA DOL practice tests with real permit test questions and answers in the book.  Don't worry, though, as we've got you covered until the DOL comes up with its own practice quiz!  We have prepared over 500 DOL permit test questions for you to work on!  Start with the very first Washington state practice test for beginners and work your way through the entire lineup all the way to the permit test Simulator!  Your goal is to be able to score no less than 90% on each one of these sample quizzes before you move on to the next one and we recommend that you start working on these exams only once you've gone through the Washington state drivers guide at least once!  Remember, working on practice tests does not replace the need for reading the handbook!

Enjoy this great Washington state drivers license book, play around with practice tests and good luck at the DMV!

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