If you are anything like us, you would love to put your hands on a permit book that is concise, straight to the point and teaches you exactly what you need to know for your Idaho DMV knowledge test, so you won't have to go out and look for some driving test cheat sheets.  No more, no less.  This is a book the Idaho drivers manual 2024 is supposed to be, but sadly, it is not.  Nevertheless, we still recommend that you read the book and we can show you how you can save yourself a bit of time on not trying to learn the materials that won't be on the test and have a bit of fun on the process.  Download your Idaho DMV drivers manual now and read on!

The main purpose of the drivers handbook is to prepare first-time drivers license applicants for the driving test, to teach them their first steps on Idaho roads and show them how to make those steps as safe as possible.  Most of the states around the country have recognized the fact that there is little use in trying to cram the book full of answers to every possible driving-related question and that this approach does not make the handbook better, the only outcome this leads to is that first-timers are put off by the sheer size of the handbook and so they ignore it!  That's why we are seeing these drivers manuals slimming down with every year - non-essential information gets transferred to DMV websites and the book retains only those rules and signs that are absolutely necessary.  The DMV in Idaho is moving in the same direction, but it's not quite there just yet. For instance, if we were studying for the knowledge test, we would completely ignore the first 18 pages of the 2024 Idaho drivers manual and start on chapter 2 - Traffic laws.  We would also skip everything that comes after chapter 9 - insurance information, vehicle titling and registration, selling a vehicle...  These are all important things, no doubt, but should a first-time drivers license applicant concern himself with obtaining cheap car insurance at the stage when he does not even have a drivers license yet?  We think not!

One thing the Idaho drivers handbook does have is sample driving test questions and answers at the end of each chapter.  Not too many, mind you, but this is where we come in!  We have prepared an entire collection of free drivers practice tests for you to work on so you can arrive at the DMV office in your best shape!  Beginners should start with the very first basic Idaho practice driving test and work their way up through the lineup of sample quizzes.  Those with a few hours of studying under their belt can chance the drivers test Simulator, but don't be hung up on nailing it the first time - the exam has well over 500 questions and it can put you through your paces! One thing to remember - sample quizzes are not a substitute to reading the book!  Make sure you go through the Idaho drivers manual at least once before you start playing with practice tests!  Good luck!

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