You don't need to read the Ohio drivers manual in order to be able to pass the temps test on the first try!  This is the phrase 90% of all students want to hear.  Sadly, it is only partially true.  Reading the drivers handbook is not a must, but it greatly increases your chances of passing the BMV written test the first time you take it and you would be a fool to ignore this opportunity! Download your copy of the Ohio permit test book right now and read on to find out what chapters are important for the test and what pages you will be tested on!

If you are anything like us, you will definitely want to know how to allocate your time better and what sections of the 2024 Ohio drivers manual you should not even bother with.  One of the downsides of using the BMV book is that it is packed with information "someone else" may find useful - it's got en entire chapter on commercial driver licenses! Why would you want to read about a CDL if you have not even taken your first Ohio permit test is beyond us, but that's just the way it is now!

This is why you skip straight to chapter 6 - Traffic laws (that's page 37 of the 2024 Ohio permit test book).  Keep reading all the way through chapter 12, don't quit even if you don't believe you will ever need this information. It may seem hard that you need to cover rules that apply to cyclists or pedestrians, or litter laws, for that matter, but you really do and there are plenty Ohio temps test questions that address these chapters of the book.  Don't worry, getting through these 40 pages of the drivers handbook doesn't take long and if you start studying for temps test well in advance (we recommend that you begin at least two weeks before your test date), you will only have to read a few pages a day!  That's completely in your power even if you are one of those people who hate reading!

Another great thing that comes out of reading the drivers book is the fact that you get access to all Ohio driving test questions and answers! And we're not just talking about that Ohio practice permit test you can find at the end of the drivers manual - you literally get answers to absolutely all permit test questions because the entire temps test is based on the manual and nothing but the BMV manual!  This automatically makes the book the best and most recommended temps test study guide out there and considering the fact that it's free (unlike those drivers education courses that do a great job but cost a pretty penny), you would be a nut not to use it!

Those looking for more sample quizzes for the BMV written test are in luck - we've got just the thing!  We have prepared a great variety of permit practice tests where every exam is better than the next one!  Start with the very first 2024 Ohio practice temps test and work your way up all the way to the Simulator! By the time you're done with these quizzes, there will be nothing the BMV could surprise you with!

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