We really wish we could say in all honesty that the official 2024 Kentucky drivers manual is the best permit test study tool there is out there, we really do... but that's definitely not the case.  Most states around the country can proudly say that the official drivers handbook is the ultimate "permit book", as it is tailored to first-time drivers license applicants and is a concise, straight to the point booklet that helps students to prepare for the state permit test and pass it without having to resort to any outside materials. Sadly, the official Kentucky permit book is lagging well behind.  We still believe that you should download a copy of the booklet and go through selected chapters at least once, but don't waste your time on reading the entire manual, there is simply no point in doing so!

When it comes to choosing what to study for the Kentucky permit test, you really need to concentrate on the following basic things: driving rules, road signs, the effects of drugs and alcohol on driving, fines & penalties and safe driving habits.  That's pretty much what the KY permit test is all about and we believe that's what the manual should present you with, yet when you start reading the DMV handbook, you realize that it is filled with information most of us will never need! Motorcycle driving rules, moped operation, commercial drivers license, bicycle laws and motor vehicle registration - none of these things are on the permit test and so they should not be in the 2024 Kentucky permit book! All of this information should be in dedicated driver handbooks or on the website, not in the book you download in hopes that it will teach you what you need to know for the DMV written test. 

To save you a bit of time, here is how you should go about reading the KY permit test book if you are just studying for the knowledge exam:  start with page 7 (Rules of the Road) and read on up to page 35 (Motorcycles).  You can skip the next 10 pages and pick up on page 46 - Keeping in shape, then read everything up to page 60.  That's it, you're done!  Everything else is not on the test and you should read it only if you have too much free time on your hands.

We've got one more bone to pick with the state and that is the frequency the KY drivers manual is updated with.  The most recent version of the drivers handbook was published in 2012 and it has not been changed since!  Even if driving rules did not change that much (which is doubtful), it is definitely a good time to redesign the entire manual and make it look like something that was made in the 21st century!  Including some free practice tests into the book would also help greatly, they do help (trust us, we know!).

Those who cannot wait until the state develops its own set of practice quizzes - welcome to the site! We've got a collection of free DMV practice tests to help you nail the exam the first time you take it! Start with the very first KY practice permit test and work your way up through the lineup, the difficulty level will rise as you move along!  Don't forget to try your wits again the KY permit test Simulator at least a few times, it will help you gauge your chances of passing the knowledge test so you won't have to travel to the DMV more than once!  Working on sample exams while reading the official KY drivers manual is one of the proven chances to increase your chances of passing the exam.  Good luck!

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