News flash - the 2024 Texas drivers handbook answers all of your needs when it comes to preparing for the DPS written test!  The entire knowledge test is based on the book alone and you would be a fool to ignore this amazing permit test study guide that is given to you absolutely free! Don't make the mistake that can cost you your learners permit, download a copy of the Texas drivers manual and read on to find out how to save time on studying the chapters you will really be tested on!

The main reason why so many students choose to ignore the driver handbook when they are choosing a study guide for the Texas permit test is simple - the DPS booklet has a reputation for being overwhelmingly extensive, packed with information you will never be tested on, information that does not even apply to first-time drivers license applicants.  The DPS in Texas has been moving in the right direction during the last couple of years, trimming down the book and transferring less important information to the DPS website, as opposed to trying to stuff everything into a single publication.  There is still room for improvement, though, and we can help you cut a few corners when it comes to studying questions that really matter on your DPS permit test.

For instance, you can safely skip past the first 3 chapters of the 2024 Texas driving test book and start with chapter 5 - Right-of-Way (page 23).  From that point, it's clear sailing all the way to chapter 13 - Bicycle laws and Safety, and don't think about skipping this last chapter as the knowledge test will have question that are based on this info.  Fortunately, this is the last chapter you have to read, but you may want to check out appendix C of the drivers handbook since it offers a bunch of sample permit test questions for you to study.  There is no answer key available in the handbook, but we've got you covered there!  We have designed a variety of DPS practice tests that are graded on the fly and have all Texas drivers handbook answers in them!  Every permit practice test is free and you can keep retaking every one of them as many times as you need to pass! 

A word of caution who think they can concentrate on learners permit practice tests and not read the official Texas drivers handbook - don't do that!  When it comes to the written test, you really want to maximize your chances of passing the exam the first time you take it and working on DPS practice tests while reading the drivers manual allows you to do just that - ensure that you absolutely nail the exam!  Read the book, enjoy practice tests and good luck at the DPS!

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