Almost every first-time drivers license applicant spends hours on the Internet, looking for that magic learners permit study guide that will help him prepare for the DMV written test.  Learners test cheat sheets, checklists, drivers ed classes - anything goes, while the most obvious solution to the problem is usually left buried under piles of misconceptions and bad reviews.  Let's face it - reading the official West Virginia drivers handbook is one of the least popular ways to prepare for the drivers permit test while it should really be "Guide #1".  The fact that the entire WV permit test is based on this DMV booklet along should speak for itself - you could really get by with just this handbook alone, with no outside materials! Yet most of the first-timers ignore the drivers manual in favor of other resources because they were led to believe that the book is too lengthy, boring and hard to read.  While we agree that the DMV handbook is not the most exciting piece of literature in the world, it definitely does the job it was designed to do and it can teach you every road rule you need to know to pass the knowledge test. The book is also relatively short compared to its counterparts in some of the other states (some driver manuals contain 200 pages or more), with just 75 pages total.  Want to slim the book down even further?  That's not that hard to do!  Download your copy of the WV driving test book right now and keep reading to find out what chapters really matter for your 2024 learners permit test!

One of the peculiar things about the West Virginia DMV permit book is that it sets aside quite a bit of space to describing the licensing process, what the drivers license looks like, graduated driver license laws, motorcycle permit test and drivers license fees.  It even has an entire chapter that tells you what you're going to be tested on when you take your on-road WV driving test!  While all these things will definitely come in handy at some point, there is little use in studying them now when you are just preparing to take the WV learners permit test for the first time in your life!  If you don't want to waste your time on studying things you won't be tested on during the learners test, go ahead and skip chapter 1 and chapter 2 of the drivers handbook.  Start at page 21 and be sure to pay attention - driving under the influence is an important topic and you will need to learn alcohol regulations by heart.  The good news is that you can skip chapter 4 - examination procedures and requirements.  Most of the chapter is about the driving test and you can come back and read it before you actually take one.  Chapter 4 is the last chapter you can skip, all of the subsequent chapters will be covered on the permit test, so buckle down and don't rush through them.

There is one thing the 2024 West Virginia DMV handbook is missing and that is a decent practice permit test.  Taking practice tests is a great way of studying, as you actually get to put your skills to the test, identify any blank spots you may have, pinpoint the rules you have missed.  To compensate for this shortage, we have gone ahead and created an entire collection of free learners permit practice tests for you to work on and believe us, we have a practice test for everyone!  Beginners should start with the very first WV DMV practice test and work their up through the entire lineup, the difficulty of sample questions will rise as you go along to match your growing skills.  Practice tests on WV road signs is a treat for someone who likes good imagery - they are loaded with great pictures and will help you learn every road sign for the WV permit test.  The DMV test cheat sheet and the permit test Simulator are two advanced exams that may be taken by someone who's already well versed in the rules of the road, someone who is just looking for one final confirmation of his abilities before he heads of to the nearest DMV office to take the real exam. 

At this point, we want to ward you against making the mistake of the rookies - don't even think about skipping the drivers manual and concentrating on sample exams instead.  Practice tests work great when they are used together with the WV learners permit study guide, these resources compliment each other and were meant to be used together.  Don't start working on sample quizzes until you have gone through the DMV permit book at least once!

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