You don't need to complete a commercial drivers education course or buy a fancy permit test cheat sheet to prepare for your Oklahoma permit test - in fact, all of the resources you need are completely free!  Most of the drivers license applicants need only two things - a few good practice tests and a permit test study guide that covers the driving rules and has all of the permit test answers.  The official Oklahoma drivers manual 2024 is exactly the study guide you were looking for! With its comprehensive coverage of the state road signs and driving laws explained in simple, real-human language, the book really is a great tool for those who want to nail the learners permit test the first time they take it!

One of the first questions that does come to one's mind when he or she opens the book is "do I have to read the entire manual to prepare for the test?".  The short answer is no, you don't.  The DPS is trying to make the drivers manual as comprehensive as possible and a lot of the information contained there will not be on the written test.  Some of this information, despite not making it into the test, will still be of some use to you, but there is absolutely no reason to waste time on reading up on graduated driver licensing laws if you are well over 18, or vehicle titling if you are not planning on purchasing a vehicle some time soon.  Concentrate on things that do matter, things that will be on your Oklahoma permit test, you can come back and read everything else once you actually have a drivers license.

With this in mind, we recommend that you skip straight to chapter 4 - Driving Safety and Courtesy and start learning about driving defensively, dealing with road rage and your actions should you be involved in a traffic accident.  Everything in chapters 4 through 13 of the Oklahoma drivers manual will be on the written test, but we suggest that you take a moment and go over chapter 14 as well, as it covers violations and penalties.  Don't bother with memorizing every little detail, just know that there are consequences for every violation you may commit on the road and be aware of them.

Sadly, the Oklahoma drivers handbook does not offer any practice tests, but we've got you covered on that front!  We have prepared an entire set of sample quizzes to compliment the drivers manual and we have a practice test for you regardless of your current skill level!  Have no prior experience with sample quizzes?  Start with the very first Oklahoma permit practice test for beginners! Need a quick fix for the DPS exam?  Try the DMV cheat sheet!  Want to gauge your chances of passing the real exam? The drivers test Simulator is your choice! Over 500 permit test questions and answers bundled together in a quiz that works just like the real exam!

One final word of caution before we let you go off on the adventure - do not make the mistake of choosing practice quizzes over reading the driving manual, you should really do both as they compliment each other, they were meant to be used together!  The book provides you with background while practice quizzes help you identify your weak spots, so you can go back and revisit the chapters of the book you may have missed.  We always recommend that you read the Oklahoma drivers manual 2024 first and work on sample quizzes once you're done with the guide.  Good luck!

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