Wondering how to pass the permit test without reading the book?  We can come up with a few answers right off the top of our heads:

  • Register for a drivers education class
  • Work on DMV practice tests
  • Have someone teach you the rules of the road

Having said that, we believe that the question itself is wrong.  The official Wisconsin drivers handbook 2024 is the best permit test study guide you can find out there and considering that it is free, there is no reason why you should ignore it.  Sure, the motorist handbook has got some bad reviews in the past: it's been called overly extensive, boring and it was not the most exciting read out there.  However, the recent edition of the book has some a long way and the DMV has done a great job at turning the motorist handbook into a true permit test study guide!  Most of the things that do not pertain to the temps test have been moved to the DMV website, allowing you to concentrate on things that really matter, things you will be tested on during the permit test.  There's even a free Wisconsin motorist handbook practice tests at the end of the booklet, with some sample permit test questions and answers you can work on to see whether you are ready for the real thing!  Ignoring this free study guide the DMV has prepared for you is simply against common sense!

Most of the first time drivers license applicants want to know what chapters of the DMV study guide they will be tested on so they will not have to waste hours on studying things that don't matter for the knowledge test.  The great news is that the DMV is finally in tune with this line of thinking and they have already weeded out all unnecessary details out of the Wisconsin drivers manual!  The amount of space that was given to information about licensing, insurance requirements, probationary license restrictions and the point system was reduced a measly 6 pages!  You could go over them in a minute, so it is not even worth skipping them!  This is amazing, considering how some other states manage to dedicate 20 to 50 pages to the same list of topics, overloading the book with this information and making is indigestible for most readers!

While the 2024 Wisconsin drivers handbook is great in every way, there is one little thing we can add to the experience and that is a bunch of free practice tests for you to work on to help you learn faster and pass your Wisconsin temps test the first time you take it! We recommend that you start with the very first practice permit test and work your way up the chain of exams.  Be sure to score no less than 90% on each one of the tests before you move on to the next one - every Wisconsin DMV practice test on the website is unique and will present you with a different set of sample questions.   The DMV written test cheat sheet and the permit test Simulator are two advanced exams you may attempt once you are done with regular quizzes and need something more challenging!  These two tests are shaped in a manner similar to the real exam and they will put you through your paces!

Despite our faith in practice temps tests, we still recommend that you start with the reading the drivers manual as is really has all Wisconsin permit test answers!  The real test is based on this book and nothing but this book, what other recommendation do you need?  Read the drivers handbook, work on practice tests and good luck at the DMV!

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