Don't you just wish you could get your hands on all Arizona permit test answers before you hit the DMV office?  Well, you can and don't even have to kill anyone for them! The 2024 Arizona drivers license manual is the magic key that unlocks the DMV doors, the ultimate permit test cheat sheet we've all been looking for!  It's no wonder many choose to call this DMV booklet the "AZ permit test book" - it really is the best written test study guide out there!

Do you have to read the entire Arizona permit test book before you hit the DMV office?  You don't!  Despite the fact that the DMV has done an awesome job of making the drivers license manual as concise and straight to the point as possible, you can still cut out a few more pages out of the book and prepare for the written test faster!  If you are here to study for the DMV knowledge test and are not interested in vehicle inspection, traffic survival classes and car insurance - skip right to page 19 and start reading section 1 titled "Before You Drive".  Some of the things discussed in this chapter may seem a little obvious, others may give you an impression that they don't apply to you - read them anyway, you will be tested on these concepts when you turn up at the DMV to take your AZ permit test.  Besides, there is not that much stuff to read anyway - you only need to go as far as page 47 of the drivers manual and if you have skipped the first 18 pages, it comes down to reading only 29 pages of meaningful text.  Wait, it gets better yet.  Those 29 pages - they are not all text, the drivers handbook has plenty of images to break the boredom and illustrate various on-road situations.  Road signs, pavement markings, intersections and hand signals - the book is really full of great images!

There is one thing in the AZ permit book that could have gotten more coverage, the DMV should have included more practice test questions and answers into the manual so you could put your newly acquired skills to the test.  The drivers manual has only 25 questions and it does not even provide answers to those sample questions! 

This is where we come in!  You want practice tests - we have practice tests!  In fact, we have prepared over 500 AZ permit test questions and answers for you to study, broken into a variety of DMV practice tests that will suit you regardless of your current level of preparation!  Are you just setting off on the road to your drivers license?  Start with the very first AZ permit practice test for beginners!  Want to be challenged?  Try the DMV permit test Simulator, with new DMV written test questions every time!  Want us to hold your hand all the while?  Head over to the AZ permit test cheat sheet, it is loaded with study aids to get you through any troublesome question!

One final word of caution - do not treat DMV practice tests as a substitute to reading the official Arizona drivers manual!  You may be tempted to do so, since practice quizzes seem like a fun option, but you should really use both of these resources together to maximize your chances of passing the exam!  Read the official AZ permit test book, work on practice tests and good luck at the DMV!

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