Thinking of skimping on reading the official New Jersey drivers manual before taking the DMV written test?  Think again!  There is no better NJ permit test study guide out there and it's completely free too!  Don't disadvantage yourself right from the start - download a copy of the DMV book right now and read on to find out what's chapters really matter for the knowledge test!

Why are we so reluctant to read the official NJ driver manual study guide when it comes to studying for the driving test? Mostly because of its reputation!  None of us want to spend countless hours going through hundreds of pages of boring text that won't be on the test anyway!  To make matters worse, the MVC has chosen to post the official driving manual as a massive 250Mb pdf file!  Imagine trying to download this DMV booklet on wireless - it takes ages and it will cost you a pretty penny! Trust us, we've been there and we know the feeling!  The good news is that this notion that you have to read the entire driving book and that it is nothing but stale text is completely wrong!  There are plenty of corners you can cut and those chapters of the New Jersey driver's manual that you have to read - well, they are actually quite fun, with plenty of pictures to keep you alert and engaged! As for the size - we took care of that for you and have compressed the driving test manual so you can easily download it even with a slow connection!

Now, for cutting corners and exploring shortcuts that can save you time and help you avoid reading the entire driving manual, so you can spend more time doing the things you love (we really hope you've got some engagements other than being stuck in front of the PS).  Don't bother with the first two chapters of the book, unless you are really interested in the types of driver licenses available in New Jersey, skip straight to the beginning of chapter 3 - driver safety and rules of the road.  Everything up to page 111 is quite important and you must take your time working through those pages.  From that point on, browse through driver privileges and penalties (while you are being tested on some of the penalties you can find in the New Jersey driver manual, there is no point in memorizing the entire chapter - the number of NJ permit test questions that cover penalties is very small and you can definitely chance missing a few points if you know everything else well enough). Chapter 8 of the DMV booklet is where you have to start paying attention again - sharing the road with others is an important topic the DMV will test you on, don't even think about skipping these pages. Once done with this chapter, skip all the way to New Jersey road signs and traffic signals, they are listed in the appendices at the end of the book.  That's it, you're done!

What do you do once you're done with the driving book?  You work on real NJ permit test questions with the help of our practice tests!  We have prepared quite a collection of DMV practice tests you can try your wits against, over 500 sample questions to keep you occupied for hours!  And what if you cannot answer some of those questions?  You go back and read the driving manual again, the book is packed with NJ permit test answers!  Seriously, this is the secret to success - you take a free NJ practice permit test and if you don't do well enough, you read all corresponding chapters of the drivers manual and then take the test again!  Keep doing that and the permit is as good as yours! Good luck!

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