You don't need a fancy learners permit study guide or a drivers education course that cost hundreds of dollars!  You only need two things to pass your permit test the first time you take it - a copy of the official Nebraska drivers manual 2024 and a few good DMV practice tests! This is all it takes to nail the DMV written test the first time you take it!  Download your copy of the DMV manual right now and read on to find out how you can save yourself some time on not trying to memorize things that won't be on your learners permit test!

First things first - let's address the question that troubles oh so many learners permit applicants - do I have to read an entire Nebraska DMV manual just to pass my written test?  The short answer is no, you don't have to read the whole book to pass the knowledge test, there are couple of chapters you can skip since you will not be tested on them.  For instance, you can safely omit the first chapter - Nebraska License to Drive - and start with the second chapter at page 24.  The first chapters talks about different types of driver licenses you can apply for, restrictions that may be imposed onto your driver permit or license and other things that will not be on the test, that's why we recommend that you skip this chapter and start reading what's truly important.  The bad news is that this is pretty much the only chapter of the Nebraska learners permit study guide you don't have to read - everything else you will be tested on, aside from a few pages at the back of the book that list DMV locations and county index numbers.  Don't worry, though, as it does not take that long and you can easily cover the entire book - just start a few weeks in advance and read a few pages of the drivers manual every day - that's all it takes!

Here is some more good news for those who have lost their spirit after reading that they have to study most of the Nebraska driving manual - the book has a decent printable practice test with answers for you to work on and the answer key is included! Nevertheless, we've got more sample quizzes for you right here at!   We suggest that you start with the very first Nebraska DMV practice test for beginners and work your way up through the entire collection of exams - test difficulty will rise as you go along to match your growing skills! 

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