If we were to pick the most underappreciated, ignored and disregarded study resource for the DMV written test - the 2024 California drivers handbook would be our our choice and we would never give it a second thought.  The number of people who opt into taking the permit test without opening the drivers manual even once is simply mind-boggling.  Don't make the same mistake, read the DMV drivers handbook and nail the permit test the first time you take it!

Unlike driver manual in other states, the 2024 CA DMV drivers handbook is very condensed and straight to the point, you really cannot throw that much stuff out of it and will have to go over almost all of the 116 pages of the booklet.  You can probably skip the first chapter that covers license requirements, the testing process, miscalleneous license information and the special section for minors if it does not apply to you, but be sure to check out cell phone restrictions for minors even if you are an adult - the DMV expects you to know them regardless of your age.

However, once you hit page 17 - it's time to buckle down and start paying attention.  California DMV permit test questions cover pretty much everything between pages 17 and 87. Yes, all those 70 pages.  It may seem like a touch too much, but it really isn't.  Plenty of the space in the 2024 California drivers manual is taken up by illustrations of various on-road situations, images that take up entire pages, there's even a California drivers handbook practice test at the end of almost every chapter, so it's not like you will be reading 70 pages of fine print.  Besides, who said you have to read the entire DMV book in one day?  In fact, we recommend that you start preparing for your drivers permit test at least two weeks in advance!  If you do this, you won't have to read more than 5 pages a day - anyone can do that!

For those of you who have found drivers handbook questions and answers useful - we've got some great news!  We have prepared a California DMV practice test you can take online right now!  In fact, we've got an entire batch of practice permit tests with multiple choice questions tailored to the 2024 DMV written test and they are all free!  Head over to the practice test section and play with them as soon as you're done with the driver's handbook, we dare you to complete each and every one of them!

If you are using a cell phone, we suggest that you save a pdf file with a copy of the California drivers manual to your cell phone and keep it for future reference.  This way you won't have to download the book every time you feel like studying and you can cross reference any permit test question you have doubts about against the manual.

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