Need a permit test study guide with answers to the 2024 DMV exam?  You've come to the right place!  The official Vermont drivers manual is the book the real knowledge test is based on, a fact that automatically qualifies it to be THE number one study resource for anyone who wants to prepare for the exam and does not want to pay an arm and a leg for it! The DMV is giving the book away absolutely free - you will not have to pay a penny for the drivers manual, just download your copy online!  You can either print out the book or simply read the pdf file with the handbook off your cell phone - the choice is yours, just make sure you actually read it!  And no, you do not need to read the entire drivers manual just to prepare for the knowledge test, read below on what chapters really matter for the 2024 DMV exam!

We can't say that the Vermont permit book is overly extensive, but it could certainly be reduced further to make it more focused and to avoid alienating younger students who tend not to like reading that much.  Opening a driver manual and seeing that it's a few hundred pages long is definitely a turn off for most first timers and so we applaud those states who have made the effort to transfer all of the information that does not pertain to the DMV written test to their website, leaving the book as a lean and mean permit test study tool.  The Vermont DMV is not quite there yet, but we hope it will change soon. In the meanwhile, if you are studying for the knowledge test, we recommend that you skip the first six chapters of the book and start with chapter 7 at page 27 - Driving Safely and Studying for your Permit.   In a nutshell, this is the only chapter that really matters and you should take your time working through the following 38 pages (you could probably do without the final section, since it covers the road skills test, but it has some good pointers and it only takes a minute to read, so please go ahead and do so).  That's it, once you are done with these 38 pages, you're done with the permit book, you can close it and set it aside!  Don't think that you're done studying, though, as there is one final step before you hit your local DMV office and that is figuring out whether you ready for the real thing!  Taking a few practice tests is a great way to assess your newly acquired skills and we have prepared quite a few sample exams for you!  If you have not taken any sample quizzes before, start with the very first Vermont practice permit test for beginners and don't move on to the next exam until you can score no less than 90% on it.  Each one of the regular DMV practice tests will give you a different set of questions, be sure to go through all of them!  The DMV cheat sheet and the VT permit test Simulator should be reserved for advanced users, as they feature of 500 permit test questions and answers that change every time you do the quiz and so they will not give you an opportunity to concentrate on a fixed set of questions. 

  Enjoy reading the Vermont permit test study guide 2024 and working on practice tests, good luck at the DMV!

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