Virginia CDL Doubles & Triples Practice Test (VA) 2020

For those who value speed and accuracy! A Virginia CDL practice test that follows the same format as the real doubles & triples test!

  • 20 Questions
  • 80% Passing Score
  • 4 Mistakes Allowed
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Virginia CDL Test Facts

  • Questions: 50
  • Correct answers to pass: 40
  • Passing score: 80%
  • Test locations: Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Offices
  • Test languages: English, Spanish
  • Based upon: Virginia CDL Manual
Improve your chances of passing the test by reading the official Virginia drivers manual Drivers Manual

If you picture yourself behind the wheel of enormous double and triple-trailer combination vehicles, our CDL doubles and triples practice test for Virginia students can help you get qualified. Multiple-trailer combination vehicles are the most challenging Class A commercial vehicles to drive by far. Before you can begin taking practical driving lessons, you will need to study for and pass the VA DMV doubles and triples test, to ensure your theory knowledge and understanding of vehicle control issues are up-to-scratch. The DMV CDL practice test for Virginia students on this page exclusively targets the doubles and triples T endorsement exam, which is not actually the first DMV written test you need to take as an aspiring Class A driver. Prior to any endorsement assessments, your first challenge will be passing the DMV general knowledge test. With 50 questions covering all aspects of commercial driving general knowledge, it is not an easy permit test to prepare for. Though using our Virginia DMV general knowledge practice test to guide your work with the permit book will make things considerably less stressful!

So, you have secured your passing grade on the general knowledge assessment – great! Unfortunately, there are two other compulsory endorsements to obtain, before you can begin studying double and triple trailer endorsement material. Luckily, we offer a complete range of free CDL practice tests for every exam offered by the DMV. Every Class A commercial vehicle must be fitted with an air brake system by law, making the Air Brakes endorsement a necessity for all Class A learners permit applicants. The VA CDL combination test is also mandatory as to qualify for Class A, vehicles must be a combination of a truck and at least one trailer. Students must therefore pass the CDL combination test for Virginia to learn about safety considerations, rules and regulations for combination vehicles. When you reach this stage, our VA combination CDL practice test can guide your studies.

The Virginia doubles and triples test builds on the knowledge you will have acquired from the Combination Vehicles endorsement. The T endorsement section of the permit book will introduce you to coupling and uncoupling rules, understanding the “crack the whip” effect when changing lanes, managing high-sided vehicles and multiple-trailer vehicle inspection. Then, you can begin using our VA doubles and triples endorsement practice test to challenge your understanding of this material with real DMV test questions. It does not matter if you do not get a great score the first time you work on the doubles and triples practice test 2020 quiz; as it is available for unlimited re-tests you can revisit it as many times as you like to work on your grade as your knowledge of the test-topics improves. To facilitate this, you will need to continue reading the permit book while working on the Virginia DMV practice test at regular intervals. As an added bonus, the quiz will mark your answers individually, displaying the correct answer when mistakes are made to give you a better chance of answering similar questions correctly in future.

Our CDL doubles and triples test questions and answers for VA students are as authentic as can be. The dedicate a great deal of time to extracting content from previous exams, checking everything we use against information in the 2020 permit book to ensure its continuing relevance before adding it to the practice doubles and triples test for Virginia drivers. The quality of this quiz far surpasses most others you will encounter online. Try it now and see for yourself!