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Are you looking for a 2020 Virginia CDL practice test that can really show you what you’re made of? Be careful what you wish for – welcome to the Virginia DMV permit test Simulator! If you really want to know if your CDL general knowledge is of a high enough standard to pass the actual DMV written test 2020 in Virginia, we can help you find out right now. The DMV VA permit test Simulator is undoubtedly the meanest online VA DMV CDL practice test you’ll find online because unlike other CDL practice tests, the permit test Simulator gives you no help whatsoever.

It’s called a Simulator for a reason! The real VA permit test won’t help you out if you get stuck on a difficult question and neither will the DMV written test 2020 Simulator. You shouldn’t be intimidated by the prospect of using this Virginia DMV permit test Simulator, on the contrary – you should be excited! The days of uncertainty and wondering if you’re ready to take your VA DMV test are over, because now you can find out for sure if you have studied enough without having to risk failing the real DMV test for Virginia. That’s how alike this DMV practice permit test for Virginia and the actual DMV permit test really are!

So what exactly makes the DMV permit test Virginia Simulator just like the real thing? For starters we use 100 percent genuine permit test questions that have actually come up on real permit tests in the past, it doesn’t get more authentic than that! These questions cover every possible commercial driving topic, as detailed in the current version of the VA permit test study guide. You definitely don’t want to get ahead of yourself and use this Simulator CDL practice test before you’ve studied the DMV handbook. We’ll be asking you DMV test questions on everything from basic driving skills, to handling emergencies. The Simulator requires students to answer 80 percent of the questions correctly in order to get a pass (as does the real permit test, we might add), so you really need to know your stuff, as 80 percent equates to a whopping 40 questions out of a possible 50!

The DMV permit test VA Simulator is also identical to the real exam in the format of the questions used, which all have multiple-choice or “true or false” answers. You will find a similar structure on the DMV cheat sheet, though that DMV CDL practice test VA quiz allows students to use study aids during the test. If you’re not quite ready for a CDL practice test without study aids, why not go through the DMV cheat sheet a few times until you’re feeling more confident?

If you’re determined to give this learners permit test Virginia Simulator a shot, good for you! Why not get started right away? You may find you perform better than you expect. It is vitally important to remember that the permit test Simulator is meant to be used with out study materials. If you get help during the test, you won’t really know if your score is accurate. Make sure you’re in a quiet space when you start the VA DMV written test Simulator, there is no time limit on the test but you’ll find it useful if you can concentrate fully. Most importantly, take your Virginia CDL permit book and stash it somewhere out of reach so you won’t be tempted to sneak a peak while you’re working on the test! Best of luck!