To earn your Virginia learner’s permit and start learning to drive, you will need to pass the general knowledge DMV written test. This assessment is the first stage of the licensing process for all prospective drivers, as it ensures you know enough about rules of the road and road signs to start operating a vehicle on public roadways, without endangering yourself or other road users. To help you get ready for the permit test, we have put together a comprehensive selection of up-to-date learning resources, all of which are available free of charge here on

The VA DMV permit test will present you with 35 multiple-choice questions. The road rule portion of the exam accounts for 25 questions, with the remaining ten questions reserved for road signs and pavement markings. To pass the permit test, you must answer at least 20 of the road-rule questions correctly, and all the road sign questions correctly. As road signs and pavement markings are such an important part of the exam, you may wish to start your study journey by popping over to our road signs home page. There, you will find a complete list of every road sign and pavement marking you could be questioned on during the assessment. The Virginia driving manual and our free driver’s education course also contain useful information, to help you prepare for this aspect of the exam. If you have yet to download your PDF copy of the 2024 driving manual, you can do so free of charge right here on

With regard to the rules of the road section of the DMV learners permit test, you can find everything you need to know in our drivers ed course. It is also a good idea to check the driver’s manual for state-specific traffic laws, as there is a chance you could be asked about traffic violations and penalties during the exam. “Rules of the road” refers to subjects like determining right-of-way, procedures for using intersections and expressways, prima facie speed limits and driving rules on different types of road. The majority of the information you need can be found in the “Rules of the Road” section of the drivers ed course, though there will be some important material in the drug and alcohol awareness module too. The course is designed to be flexible so that each student can work through it at their own pace. You can complete it in one sitting or spread your studies over a few days or weeks – whatever works best for your learning style and schedule.

Whenever you want to take a break from learning, try putting your knew knowledge to the test with our free DMV practice test for Virginia learners. Our range of DMV permit practice tests cover all essential information which you could be asked about during the permit test, using authentic permit test questions from past papers. There is no pressure to perform well during these tests right away, as they can be re-taken as many times as you like in the run-up to your DMV test. If you find there are particular topics which give you trouble on a quiz, you can target these chapters in the permit book and our drivers ed course. This will ensure you are spending your time wisely and improving your weakest areas of knowledge. Whether you are putting in your license application in Richmond, Norfolk, Virginia Beach or elsewhere in the state, the resources we provide contain the information you need. So, why not get started today?

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