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If you’re considering applying for a VA commercial driving permit but aren’t sure what the process entails, we can help you. Anybody who wants to obtain a CDL learners permit in Virginia must pass the Virginia CDL general knowledge test. This multiple-choice exam can be taken at any DMV office in Richmond, Norfolk, Hampton and many other locations around Virginia state. Passing the DMV general knowledge test will secure you a learners permit, enabling you to start having practical driving lessons. Want a taste of what you will be asked on the CDL general knowledge exam? No problem – this Virginia CDL practice test 2020 can introduce you to the process and let you know what to expect.

We take the CDL general knowledge questions and answers on this CDL practice test for Virginia directly from past exams, and information in the VA CDL general knowledge study guide. Choosing a practice permit test which uses realistic questions is incredibly important – you don’t want to inadvertently waste precious study time by working with inaccurate materials. Not every Virginia DMV practice test you find online can be trusted to use up-to-date information from the 2020 CDL general knowledge exam. Stick with us, we guarantee that every permit practice test on the website is up-to-date and designed with your learning in mind!

There is only one DMV general knowledge test in Virginia for commercial learner drivers. So if you were wondering whether or not you would need to find a specific CDL general knowledge practice test for Virginia for either Class A, Class B or Class C vehicles, the answer is no. This DMV practice permit test VA quiz is a suitable study tool, no matter what class of CDL permit you want to apply for. Why then do we have several different VA CDL practice tests on the website, if there is no specific Class C, Class B or Class A practice test in Virginia? It’s a good question!

This Virginia CDL general knowledge practice test, the CDL general knowledge cheat sheet and the DMV permit test Simulator all relate to the VA CDL general knowledge test. The difference between these CDL practice tests lies in their length and intensity. This DMV permit practice test is the shorter of the three tests; it is intended to serve as a gently introduction to the permit test practice process. This is further demonstrated by the fact there are helpful hints and extra guidance available throughout this 2020 CDL practice test, to give you a bit of extra support should you need it. Students will be marked on their answers one by one as they work through this learners permit practice test and provided with detailed explanations to assist them in understanding the correct answers.

The DMV practice test cheat sheet for Virginia also provides learners with additional support and guidance, but does so in the context of a much longer practice permit test – which actually includes 50 questions just like the real exam. Finally, the VA CDL general knowledge test Simulator is ideal for students who have been studying for some time, and who want to see how they might perform on the real exam – without the help of study aids or guidance.

There are other CDL practice tests on the website which related to endorsement exams, these serve as add-ons to your commercial driving license that determine what kind of equipment you are allowed to operate or what cargo you may transport. You do not have to decide which of these tests you will need right away, as they must be taken after the CDL general knowledge test. If you’re new to DMV test practice, we suggest you start here!