Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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You want to pass your Texas learner's permit test the first time you take it - we want to help you succeed!  Use this free Texas learners permit practice test simulator to gauge your current skill or to prepare for the DPS visit - it fits either purpose (although if you do use the test as a study guide, we recommend that you switch to the Texas DMV cheat sheet - it uses the same format, but offers more study aids). Don't be afraid to pop the drivers handbook open and quickly browse through the rules whenever you find yourself stuck!

We wanted to keep things as close to the real DPS exam and we believe we have done great!  Just like the real permit test, this Texas learners permit test simulator sports 30 multiple choice questions that cover a wide variety of topics, everything from regular driving rules, to road signs, the effects of drugs and alcohol on your driving ability, seat belt laws, fines and tickets...  Seriously, if the real drivers permit test covers it, so do we!  Questions are based on the 2019 Texas drivers handbook, some of the questions came straight from the real test and were submitted to us by other users who have already went through the test (by the way, if you have a copy of the exam and want to help everyone else following in your steps, please submit it to us, we will verify the exam and submit all new permit test questions to the pool).

While the Simulator only displays 30 questions at a time, the actual question base contains hundreds of questions and they are selected randomly for you every time you take the exam.  This means you will literally get a new quiz every time, so don't limit yourself to taking the practice test just once.  We recommend that you keep working on this permit practice test until you score over 90% every time.  We know this may sound a little too much and you can pass the DPS test with a lower score, but we really want you to have a safety cushion when you show up at the office.  After all, you really don't want to be among those trying to cut it a little too close and failing the learners permit exam by one question, just imagine the frustration!

This Texas learners permit practice test 2019 is graded on the go, you don't have to finish the whole test to find out the answers.  As soon as you answer a question, you will see whether you are right or wrong and, if you happen to misstep and miss a question, the quiz will display the right answer along with a detailed explanation.  Make sure to read the explanation, it will help you remember the answer and get it right next time!

If, at any point, you realize that this online Texas permit test simulator is a bit too much for you, just head over to one of our other practice permit tests!  Most practice exams feature only 20 questions and those questions don't change, so you can keep taking them and learning the rules without feeling utterly overwhelmed!

Good luck at the DPS and please let us know how the real test went!