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Depending on the level of research you have done before you got here, you may or may not know the percentage of people who fail the drivers license test on their first visit to the Texas DPS.  If you don't, prepare to be stunned into shock!  More than 50% of first-time test takers fail the exam! This is huge!  Just imagine - half of the people at your local school failing their classes.  Do you believe this is even a possibility? How come that these failure rates are a reality when it comes to taking the drivers license test and why do most of these drivers license applicants pass the exam the second time around? 

The answer is simple - most students tend top underestimate the exam, they believe that questions on the Texas permit test are common sense and they do not take any steps to prepare for it.  As you can see from the stats, this is a terrible decision and we hope you are not going to go down that road.  Despite common beliefs, preparing for the DPS test is neither hard, nor does it take much time.  It becomes even easier when you have the right study tools, such as this 2019 Texas drivers license practice test!

This practice test consists of 20 Texas driving test questions and answers that cover road rules & traffic signs you can expect to see on the real exam.  Sharing the road with other drivers, signalling, seat belt laws, highway driving, school buses and great sample questions on Texas road signs with images - the practice test is well balanced and covers most of the common driving rules you need to learn.  The drivers license practice test is graded on the fly, you do not have to finish the entire exam just to see what questions you have missed - you find out where you went wrong immediately after choosing one of the answers.  Of course, telling you that you are wrong without showing you the right way to do things is completely useless and this is why our free Texas drivers practice test always shows you the right answer.  Wait, it gets better yet!  On top of showing you the right answer, the quiz provides you with a detailed explanation for the rule that is being discussed by that particular question.  Please try an resist the temptation of skipping these explanations, not reading them won't save you much time, most of the explanations are just a few lines of text and they won't take more than a few seconds to read.  The value you receive from investing these couple of seconds into your education is indescribable - you have a much higher chance of remembering the answer when you take time to read more information about the question (another tip you could try is writing the question and the answer down, this has been shown to be an effective trigger that will help your mind remember the information).

Once you answer all twenty of the driving test questions, you will see your overall grade and receive yet another opportunity to review the questions you have missed this time. You can either choose to repeat the practice quiz once again or move on to one of the other free Texas drivers license test online quizzes you can find on the site (yes, we do have quite a variety of sample exams for you to choose from).  While we recommend that you don't stop working on the practice exam until you can answer at least 18 questions correctly every time, you are free to follows whatever learning method works best for you!  Some even prefer to read the official 2019 Texas drivers handbook before they begin working on the drivers practice test and we applaud this approach! 

Remember, passing the drivers license test is easy, you just need a little time and the right study tools, such as our free Texas drivers license practice test 2019!  Enjoy the exam and please comment if you have any suggestions!