All driver’s license applicants in Texas must study road signs and pavement markings in the run up to the DPS permit test. You probably recognize many common road signs already, simply through being a pedestrian and a passenger in other people’s vehicles. While this is a great start, it will not be enough to get your through the TX DMV written test with a passing grade. Road signs, traffic signals and pavement markings will feature prominently on the permit test and there are hundreds of different signs, signals and markings you could be asked to identify. Fortunately for you, the team here at have made studying for this aspect of the assessment a breeze, by including images and names of every road sign you need to memorize, here on this page.

Most first-time license applicants can recognize basic road signs like the pedestrian warning sign, the no U-turn sign and speed limit signs. As you can see from scrolling through this page, the signs you must memorize in preparation for the Texas permit test go far beyond these basics. Luckily, learning road sign meanings is made considerably easier by the fact that all road signs fit into one of four main categories. These are: regulatory signs (tell road users what the road rules are in a given area), warning signs (tell road users to slow down and proceed with caution due to an upcoming hazard), work zone signs (tell motorists to slow down, proceed with caution and abide by work-zone specific rules) and guide signs (provide information about immediate and upcoming locations, including place names, route numbers and important facilities). Take a look through the road signs included on this page and you will see we have sorted them into categories for you! This will make it easier to memorize signs in the run up to the DPS written test and work out the meaning of any unfamiliar signs which come up during the exam.

If you want to be certain you understand road sign categories and are prepared to take on the permit test, take some time to work through our free 2024 driver’s education course for Texas applicants. This program covers everything you will need to know throughout your learning journey but does contain a dedicated module for road signs, signals and pavement markings. Studying the signs on this page, using the drivers ed course and revisiting what you have learned with our Texas permit practice test quizzes is by far the fastest and most effective way to study road signs for the permit test. You will also need a copy of the Texas driving manual, to use in conjunction with our resources.

We have found that road signs are often the weakest topic for aspiring drivers studying for the DMV written test. For this reason, our team have built a range of road signs drivers license practice test tools which only contain permit test questions from the signs and markings portion of the assessment. In Texas, the DPS permit test contains 30 multiple-choice questions and does not specify how many of them will relate to road signs and pavement markings. There is no way to determine which signs will be addressed, so you need to cover all bases in your study plan. When it comes to learning road signs for the permit test in Texas, there are no learning resources as fast, effective and fun as those we provide here on


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