Establishing an effective driver’s education study routine is essential, if you hope to pass the Texas learners permit test the first time around. Contrary to what most new drivers assume, passing the TX DPS permit test is not easy! Before you can be issued a learner’s permit, the Texas DMV must ascertain that you have the necessary knowledge to operate a vehicle on public roadways safely. There are hundreds of road rules, traffic laws and road signs keeping our Highway Transportation System afloat. Any new driver who is not prepared to learn this information has no place driving a multi-ton vehicle. To get your learner’s permit, you will need to study. Don’t worry, everything you need to get started is here on and free for unlimited use.

Studying for the Texas DPS written test is a must, but that does not mean it has to be stressful or boring. We understand that most driving students in Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin and elsewhere in Texas do not have time to scour the internet looking for different reputable learning tools. It is for this reason that our team have sourced everything you will need in the run up to the permit test and published the materials for all to use, here on To get through the 2024 DMV written test and the subsequent driving skills assessment, you will need a copy of the current Texas driving manual, a driver’s education course and a varied selection of revision tools, like our free drivers license practice test. If you are a completely new student, we recommend downloading the driving manual first so that you have it to hand, then working through our free drivers ed program. The manual lists all the essential information which may be addressed during the permit test, along with other useful facts and contact details. Our Texas driver’s ed course has been built to accompany that handbook, breaking every essential topic down using easily understood language, great images and helpful hints.

As the day of your TX permit test draws nearer, stepping up your work with our permit test practice quizzes will ensure your knowledge is up-to-scratch. Many of our tests are designed to be finished in five minutes, making them fast and convenient study tools for busy students who struggle to find time to sit down with the DPS handbook. We do also offer more extensive road sign and road rule driver’s practice tests for when you have more time and are looking for a slightly bigger challenge. Whichever Texas DMV permit practice test you choose to work with, rest assured that our permit test questions and answers are up-to-date, realistic and based on the information in the permit test study guide.

With the resources we provide here on, you do not have to worry about finding hours of study time each day to continue progressing. Our drivers ed course and DMV practice tests can be accessed online via your cellphone or tablet, when ever you have a few minutes to spare to brush up on your road rule and road sign knowledge! Prioritizing this kind of “little and often” learning will ultimately leave you in a far stronger position when the time comes to sit the DPS written test. You will need to answer at least 21 out of the 30 multiple-choice questions on the test paper correctly, in order to qualify for a learner’s permit. Are you ready to fast track your learning?

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