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We must learn to walk before we can run.  This is true in every aspect of your life and that includes studying for the Texas learners permit test.  If you are one of those people who prefer to jump in and start doing practice tests with hundreds of questions - stop right here.  There is no point in starting with these extensive and, without any doubt, useful exams at this stage, you will only bury yourself under mounds of rules and regulations you won't be able to remember anyway.  Start simple - start with this quick Texas practice permit test 2019!

This online permit practice test for Texas was designed to slowly ease you into the world of driving laws and to give you a chance to learn without feeling overwhelmed.  This is why the practice quiz only has 20 questions - it's large enough to give you a feel of what the real Texas permit test is like, yet it's sufficiently small as to not overwhelm you.  Once you feel comfortable with this practice quiz and you are satisfied with your score, you are more than welcome to continue to other great practice exams we have prepared for you! The site has hundreds of real permit test questions waiting for you!

All questions on this free Texas permit practice test are multiple choice, every question presenting you with four possible answers.  Keep in mind, only one of the answers is correct, even though sometimes it will seem as if more than one answer fits.  The practice test is interactive and will be graded as you go through the test, you can keep track of your progress at any time and you see the right answer to every question as soon as you make your pick.  We hate practice tests that make you wait till the end of the exam to find out the answers just as much as you do - just imagine a test like that with 50 questions - just waiting to find out the answers will take forever!

This permit practice test for Texas includes useful study aids that will help you find your way whenever you get stuck.  Useful hints will provide more details on the question and point you in the right direction, while using the 50/50 button will immediately get rid of two incorrect answers for you, leaving you with a 50/50 chance to answer the question correctly.

The practice test is based on the 2019 Texas drivers handbook and you would be well advised to read the book before you start taking any quizzes.  Is reading the book mandatory?  No, it is not, but it does make your life much easier, since all Texas permit test questions are based on the book!  That's right, the manual contains answers to each and every question you will get on the real permit test!  If you don't feel like reading the whole book - that's all right too, just keep it open while you are taking this learner's permit practice test and make sure to search the book for answers whenever you can.

Remember, all it takes is a little patience!  Study 10-15 minutes every day, with the help of this Texas practice permit test and other study resources we have online, and you will have your drivers permit in no time!