Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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For some of you, this is the first learners permit practice test and we don't want to make it too hard on you.  We have selected 20 questions on road signs and road rules to get you started on preparing for the drivers permit test without leaving you feeling overwhelmed and overpowered.  All sample questions are multiple choice, all of them feature three or four answers.  Keep in mind: only one answer is correct, even though it may seem otherwise from time to time, due to the wording used by the DPS, the wording you should start getting used to right now.  While we are on the subject, we wanted to warn you against making a common mistake when you are taking the real Texas learners permit test.  When answering a permit test question, never rush with selecting the first answer you see, even it seems like the right one at the time.  Read through all of the provided options thoroughly (you may even want to go over them twice) before making your choice, many of the written test questions contain a few answers that look similar, yet only one of them is correct.  Try this approach while you are working on this free Texas learners permit practice test to get into the habit as early as possible!

We believe that nothing works as well as receiving immediate feedback to any actions you take and the practice permit test is built around the principle.  Whenever you choose one of the answers, you know whether your choice was right instantly!  Made a mistake?  Not to worry!  We will show you the right answer right there on the spot AND provide you with a detailed explanation for that answer.  Now, some of you might be tempted to go through this online learners license practice test as quickly as possible, spaying no heed to those explanations.  Do not make this mistake, as you will end up wasting more time by doing so! Reading these explanations as you are working on the practice permit test helps you memorize the answers faster and ensures that you don't have to repeat the quiz hundreds of time to remember them.  Take a few extra second to read additional information about the question whenever you miss it, remember, this Texas permit practice test is free and it is not timed, you can take as long as you need working on it. 

Once you are done with the whole exam, you will see your overall score and receive yet another chance to review all of the sample Texas permit test questions you have missed.  From this point, you can either repeat the exam again or take a different permit practice test.  How do you know which option is right for you?  The answer is simple - your grades will tell you!  Eighteen or more correct answers - go ahead and continue to the next free Texas learner's permit practice test in line.  Sixteen or seventeen correct answers - you are doing well, you are headed in the right direction, but need to spend a little bit more time on the quiz.  Anything less than sixteen correct answers - we recommend that you pick up a copy of the Texas driver's handbook and go over the rules outlined there at least once before you continue working on the sample permit test. 

Since we have mentioned the drivers handbook, we would like to stop on the subject for just a little longer.  The book has many names: the drivers manual, the drivers ed book, the DPS booklet, but the most telling one is the Texas drivers permit study guide.  Can you guess how this name was born?  The reason why it is referred to as the permit test study guide is simple - the entire DPS written knowledge test is based exclusively on the information you can find in the book, the official Texas drivers handbook answers all permit test questions! No exceptions! If it's not in the book, it's not on your learners permit test! By the way, our Texas learners permit practice tests are also based on the very same book!  This makes the manual an invaluable resource you simply cannot afford to ignore!  Read the handbook as you work on our practice permit tests and see the efficiency of your study sessions quadruple! 

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