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While you can literally download hundreds of Texas DPS cheat sheets online (some are free and some will cost you) and hope that they will help you pass the permit test the first time, we are here to tell you otherwise.  A PDF print out with Texas driving test questions and answers won't help you much, there is no guarantee that you will receive the same questions!  The only way to be absolutely sure you nail the exam the first time is to study and our free Texas DPS permit test cheat sheet is here to help you!  We will get you to the point where you won't have to cheat!

Studying for the permit test is stressful - we know.  We've been there ourselves, digging through tonnes of information, trying to determine what's going to be on the drivers permit test, reading the handbook and wondering if we have to remember everything by heart.  This is how the Texas DPS cheat sheet 2019 came to be - we've done the legwork for you so you can take a shortcut and concentrate on things that really matter - learning everything you need to know for the DPS exam!

Our Texas DMV permit test cheat sheet is really more of a practice test.  It is based largely on the permit test simulator (make sure you check that out once you are done with this quiz) and closely resembles the real DPS exam.  There is one minor, but crucial difference, though.  While neither the permit test simulator, nor the clerk at the DPS office will allow you to cheat, our DMV cheat sheet will!  In fact, it's got "cheats" or, as we prefer to call them, study aids, built right into the system!

Whenever you find that you cannot answer a question, instead of randomly choosing one out of four drivers handbook answers and hope for the best, you can use one of the study aids we have prepared for you.  Start by clicking the "HINT" button.  This will bring up another window with more details on the question.  If you are still in doubt - hit the "50/50" button and the system will remove two incorrect drivers license test answers from the question, leaving you to decide between the remaining two options!  We recommend that you use these study aids in the order listed, the hint should come first and the 50/50 button should be your last resort.  Of course, this is only a recommendation, you are the boss and you're calling the shots, so go wild!

All questions in this DPS cheat sheet are based on the drivers handbook and you should not dismiss the manual while preparing for the learner's permit exam.  Remember, the real exam is based on this book and it contains an answer to virtually every Texas permit test question there is!

Without further ado, we leave you with this Texas DPS test cheat sheet and wish you the best on your permit test! Make sure to check out other practice permit test we have prepared for you!