One of the biggest challenges that first-time drivers face is learning how to read road signs and pavement markings. This ability is essential to all road users, as without road signs and pavement markings, the Highway Transportation System would dissolve into chaos. Road signs serve to enforce road rules, warn of potential hazards and help motorists navigate. Pavement markings separate streams of traffic and let motorists know which lanes can be used for which purpose. To get your learner license, you must demonstrate your knowledge of road signs and pavement markings by passing the 2024 Oregon DMV permit test. The resources on this page are designed to help you study effectively for the signs and markings portion of the exam.

Your study of road signs for the Oregon permit test must be consistent over the days and weeks prior to the assessment. We have made it easy to access all the pavement markings and road signs you will need to memorize, by listing them all on this page. You may also find it useful to have a copy of the Oregon DMV handbook, which lists essential road signs in addition to state-specific road rule information. Even if you have never driven before, you can likely recognize a few of the more common road signs listed on this page. Essential regulatory signs such as “STOP”, “YIELD” and “DO NOT ENTER” are common on all United States roadways and are designed to be easy to understand. It is also likely that there are many road signs and pavement markings included here which you do not recognize or have never seen before. Memorizing them all can seem like an enormous undertaking to begin with but with our help, you will soon get up-to-speed.

The same features which make road signs like “STOP”, “DO NOT ENTER” and “ONE WAY” easy to read are used to design every other regulatory road sign. If you see a rectangular sign that is black and white (or a uniquely shaped sign that is black, white and red) you should immediately know that its purpose is to tell you what you must or must not do on this stretch of roadway. This is because all regulatory road signs you must learn for the Oregon DMV written test share these color and shape features. The same is true of warning signs, work zone signs and guide signs. Once you learn to read this road sign “language” you will have no trouble identifying any road sign which comes up in a question on the DMV test, even if you have never laid eyes on it previously. To assist your study of road signs and pavement markings, we have created a comprehensive driver’s education course for Oregon learners, which features a detailed module on road signs, traffic signals and pavement markings. We recommend completing this module before spending any serious time memorizing road signs for the permit test, as it will help you to form connections between the signs and markings you study.

Before taking your new road sign knowledge to the DMV exam center and attempting to pass the permit test, you should reserve a few days for working on realistic permit practice test questions. Applying what you have learned to real questions in an exam environment is not as easy as you might think! Using a reliable DMV practice test with true-to-life questions like the road signs permit practice test for Oregon learners we provide, will make sure you are ready for the assessment.

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