The Oklahoma DPS permit test is like any other written assessment, in that you need to put the study time in, if you are serious about passing first time. Of the 50 questions on the exam paper, approximately one third will be dedicated to an essential driving theory topic: road signs and pavement markings. All new drivers must be up-to-speed with these traffic control devices to pass the permit test, and to make sure they can practice driving safely on public roadways. Every pavement markings and road sign you must know to pass the DMV written test is listed on this page, along with some other useful resources to guide your studies.

Road sign and pavement marking questions make up a substantial portion of the 2024 permit test, as it is impossible to drive safely if you cannot easily recognize signs and markings. There are hundreds of different road signs in use on Oklahoma roadways; in the busiest areas, you may see twenty different road signs on a single, 100-yard stretch of road! As you can imagine, motorists must be able to recognize these road signs quickly and without diverting too much attention away from the task of driving. Fortunately, road signs are designed using a language of shapes, colors and symbols to make them easy to understand at a glance.

Look through the road signs for the permit test we have included on this page and you may be able to spot some of these shape and color themes. Warning signs – for instance – are all yellow and diamond-shaped, featuring a black symbol which depicts a hazard. The most important regulatory signs, like “STOP”, “YIELD” and “DO NOT ENTER” all feature the color red, to grab motorists’ attention, while less important regulatory signs are black and white. Understanding what these shapes and colors typically mean will help you to read road signs quickly and accurately. It will also help you to perform well during the Oklahoma DPS written test, if a road sign comes up which you have never seen before. To make sure all license applicants have the low-down on how road signs and pavement markings work, we have included a comprehensive “Signs, Signals & Markings” module on our free driver’s education course. Make sure you work through it at least once before taking the Oklahoma permit test.

While studying for the permit test in Oklahoma, make sure you revise all road signs and pavement markings equally. There are four main categories of road sign: warning signs, regulatory signs, work zone signs and guide signs. You should expect at least one sign from each of these categories to come up during the DMV test. To ensure the information remains fresh in your mind, take regular breaks from studying to apply what you have learned by answering some realistic permit test questions. We have designed a range of free DPS permit practice test Oklahoma quizzes to make sure you have continuous access to a variety of different questions. Many of our quizzes mirror the make-up of the Oklahoma permit test by presenting a mixture of road rule and road sign questions. While you are focusing specifically on road signs and pavement markings, you are best served working on our dedicated road signs DMV practice test. This quiz only contains DPS test questions relating to road signs and pavement markings, allowing for comprehensive coverage of every road sign category. Like all the resources we offer, our DMV permit practice tests are free to use and can be revisited as often as needed.

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