Every aspiring motorist in Oklahoma must pass the DMV written test before learning to drive, regardless of their age or city of residence. If you are a first-time license applicant from Oklahoma City, Norman, Tulsa or anywhere else in the state, use the resources provided here on ePermitTest.com to get ready for your permit test and practical driver’s training. Gaining access to the highest-quality learning tools does not have to be difficult – or expensive! We offer an Oklahoma driver’s education course, a selection of top-quality permit practice tests and a ton of useful guidance, all of which is based on the current licensing criteria in the 2010 DPS handbook. Plus, everything is available for unlimited use, free of charge.

If you have yet to obtain any resources or begin your study journey, start by downloading a current copy of the Oklahoma driving manual. You can obtain this essential manual directly from the DMV website or here on ePermitTest.com. The DPS have designed the driving manual to be a one-stop solution to every road rule, road sign and pavement marking you could be asked about during the general knowledge exam. Think of it as an “encyclopedia” of driving knowledge; it’s a fantastic tool for looking up specific bits of information but does not make for a very interesting read if you were to work through it from cover to cover. To make your preparation for the Oklahoma DPS permit test easier and more enjoyable, we have used the information in the driving manual to create a free drivers education course. This fantastic course expands on the knowledge contained in the manual, breaking everything down and organizing it into essential lessons and modules. Crucially, every important point is explained using clear language and helpful pictures – so there is no way you can walk away feeling confused.

The driver’s education course is designed to talk you through everything you must learn as an aspiring driver, including driver responsibilities, managing risk on the road, avoiding hazards, roadway scanning techniques, rules of the road and road signs. These latter two modules – “Signs, Signals & Markings” and “Rules of the Road” – contain the information you will be assessed on during the initial DMV test in Oklahoma. You are free to move back and forth through different modules of the course as needed. So as not to overload yourself with too much knowledge, we suggest focusing on the road rule and road sign modules in the run-up to the DPS written test. You will also need a method of assessing what you have learned about these topics before taking the exam, to make sure you have understood everything properly. This is where our free Oklahoma permit practice test quizzes come in! Using information painstakingly sourced from real exam papers, our team have put together a selection of free DMV practice tests, which collectively target everything you could be asked about during the permit test. They even provide targeted feedback to help you improve on your score with each new attempt.

With the DPS permit test in Oklahoma out of the way, your next task will be studying for the practical road skills assessment. At this point, it would be wise to return to our drivers ed course to brush up on practical topics such as vehicle control, getting to know your vehicle, managing hazardous conditions and essential driving maneuvers. Use our course to guide your practice and you can make sure you are forming the right habits from the very beginning of your journey!

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