Getting a complete list of the road signs and pavement markings you need to learn for the CT permit test can be challenging – where do you go for reliable information? To take the stress out of your study plan, we have rounded up every road sign and pavement marking which could come up during the DMV permit test and listed them here on this page. This material has been taken from the DMV handbook, so we can guarantee it is 100% reliable. Now, you can return straight to this page every time you want to study, without having to sift through the extensive driving manual.

There are dozens – possibly even hundreds – of different road signs and pavement markings you could be asked about during the Connecticut DMV written test. Scroll through the images on this page and you will see what an enormous task lays ahead! Fortunately, memorizing road signs for the permit test is easier than most students think, providing you go about it the right way. All United States road signs share a common language of shapes, symbols, colors and letters. If you teach yourself to recognize this code, rather than trying to memorize individual road signs, getting ready for the 2023 permit test will be a walk in the park.

Learning the meanings of road sign colors and shapes is actually essential to your performance during the CT DMV test. While many of the most important regulatory signs and warning sign will always appear the same way, there may be subtle differences between the other road signs listed on this page and their equivalent images on the permit test. When presented with an unfamiliar sign, you will be reliant on your knowledge of road sign colors, shapes and symbols to help you answer the question correctly.

One of the learning tools we provide is a free driver’s education course for Connecticut applicants. Within this course, we have put together a dedicated module on traffic control devices, called “Signs, Signals & Markings”. Completing this module is essential to your success during the CT permit test. It talks about warning signs, regulatory signs, guide signs, work zone signs and pavement markings, while teaching you to recognize the code of colors, patterns, symbols and shapes which connect them. When you return to revise the road signs and pavement markings listed on this page, you will start to recognize common themes and connections between them which you did not realize were there before. You will find that this higher understanding of road signs and pavement markings makes them far easier to remember while you’re studying for the DMV test in Connecticut.

Think your road signs and pavement marking knowledge is watertight? Find out for certain by putting your knowledge to the test, with our road signs DMV practice test! Unlike most online DMV permit practice tests for Connecticut learners, this dedicated road signs and pavement markings DMV written practice test does not contain questions on alcohol awareness or rules of the road. This allows you to target your knowledge of road signs separately, without worrying that your road rule knowledge will affect your final grade. Once you are confident in your road sign knowledge, you can move on to rules of the road and start using our combination DMV practice tests in the final days before the assessment. All the quizzes we provide are fun, accurate and entirely free to use. Why not take one for a test drive to kick off your studies?

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