First-time drivers from Hartford, New Haven, Stamford or elsewhere in Connecticut may not begin learning to operate a vehicle until they have passed the 2022 DMV written test. This general knowledge permit test addresses basic driving knowledge such as road signs, pavement markings and rules of the road with 25 multiple-choice questions. By passing the permit test, you are proving that your knowledge of road signs and road rules is good enough that you can practice your driving skills safely. So, before you start thinking about driving maneuvers or any other practical driving skills, get yourself ready for the CT permit test. You can find all the resources and tools necessary to prepare for this assessment, right here on this page.

The Connecticut driving manual is the recommended study guide for the permit test and is issued by the DMV themselves. You do not have to rely solely on the driver’s manual while studying for the exam, but you will at least need to own a copy for reference. Get your DMV handbook today via free PDF download from the DMV website, or here on Every road rule, pavement marking and road sign you could be questioned on during the 25-question DMV permit test is contained somewhere in this manual. Road signs and markings are usually listed at the front of the book, but rules of the road can be found in several different chapters. To make sure you fully understand the material and do not miss out anything important, work through our free driver’s education course in addition to using the handbook. Unlike the driving manual, our CT drivers ed course rolls together everything you need to know about rules of the road into one, manageable module. Information on road signs and pavement markings can be found in the “Signs, Signals & Markings” module, and our road signs home page.

Our CT driver’s education course makes the study of road rules and road signs easy, as it uses relaxed language and supports key points with images and diagrams. Use this resource as your primary learning tool and you will be ready to take on the Connecticut DMV permit test before you know it! Before you get too excited, it is important to check how well you can apply your new-found knowledge to real-life DMV test questions. You may leave this until the end of your study plan, or alternatively, schedule regular use of a CT DMV practice test while you are still learning. Most students find the latter method of revision to be the most effective, as it reinforces their new knowledge as they go along. However you choose to organize your learning plan, you will find all the revision questions you need on our free DMV practice written test quizzes! Many of these DMV practice tests are designed to be accessible for new learners, while others are more challenging. Wherever you currently are in your studies, there will be something among our DMV permit practice test CT quizzes to suit you.

Passing the Connecticut DMV learners permit test is cause for celebration, but your learning journey does not end here! Now that you are legally allowed to begin learning to drive, you can start getting ready for the practical road skills test. Find out which essential maneuvers you will be expected to perform during that assessment, and how to execute them correctly, in the “Driving Maneuvers” section of our free CT driver’s ed course. Learning how to do things the right way from the start will give you a much better shot at earning your full driver’s license first time.

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