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When you are out to study California traffic signals, this is the sample exam you go for.  Loaded with traffic signal pictures and images, it covers virtually every question that may come up on the real permit test in the Golden State and it makes no difference whether you live in San Jose or San Francisco.  This California traffic signals quiz has 20 multiple choice questions that are randomly generated every time you take the exam.  The grading system is identical to the real exam, so you must answer at least 17 of these questions correctly to pass!  If you don't pass it the first time - no biggie, just keep retaking the test until you are satisfied with your score, our practice exams are free and no one keeps score!

Questions on this California traffic signals test cover a wide array of subjects from the official drivers manual, but they all revolve around the same theme: traffic lights and traffic signals.  Flashing red, yellow arrows, emergency vehicle and railroad crossing lights - we are sure we've covered pretty much everything, but if you feel that the test can benefit from another question, don't hesitate to share your ideas in the comment box above, we love hearing from you!  You can even post real permit test questions there, go crazy!