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You may only need to provide 39 correct permit test answers from a possible 45 during the California drivers permit test but that does not mean passing the assessment will be easy. Everything you will have learned about rules of the road, highway signs, driving laws, fines and penalties is represented with questions in the DMV database, from which a random 25-question test will be assembled when you visit your local test center in San Jose, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Fresno. There is no way that any student driver can predict precisely which questions they will be required to answer on the day, which is why diligent study of the permit test study guide and regular work with a California driving test practice quiz are essential. Reading the permit book will ensure you have covered all the core driving knowledge which could be referenced during the permit test, while our drivers permit practice test for California students will make sure your understanding of the material is solid.

All the California drivers license test questions on this quiz are authentic, either having been designed using information in the driver’s handbook or extracted directly from existing test papers. Just like the real California driver’s test, our DMV written practice test combines questions on both highway signs and rules of the road, assigning a random number of questions to each topic. The California DMV practice test for 2019 drivers presents questions individually, alongside two or more possible permit test answers, from which only one is correct. Participants can view the progress tracker to the side of each question, which displays the number of correct answers provided so far and how much of the quiz is left to complete. Unlike the real California DMV written test, you are free to re-take our DMV test practice quiz as many times as it takes to achieve a satisfactory passing grade. For this reason, you should not feel any pressure to earn a good score when you first begin working with our self-assessment tool and can do so from day one of your study plan, or as soon as you feel ready.

When a pass of 70 percent or above has been achieved on the real California drivers test, you will be able to spend time learning to drive with supervision from a licensed adult. Then, your practical driver’s exam will be just around the corner. In designing this California drivers license practice test, our team have taken steps to make sure it is challenging enough to put you through your paces. In fact, if you can pass this quiz then the real assessment will be no trouble, as our minimum score requirement is 10 percent higher. On the actual DMV permit test you will be asked to provide 39 correct permit test answers from 45 whereas here, you will need 16 from a possible 20.

Factoring this free California practice driving test into your learning plan as early as possible is wise, if you truly want to maximize your chances of passing the permit test first time. Getting a look at some legitimate driving test questions and answers before you begin studying the permit book will show you what standard of understanding you are aiming for and make your learning time more efficient. Students who use our DMV California practice test quizzes are substantially more like to perform well during the assessment and earn their learners permit, as compared to students who do not. So, are you ready to fast-track your studies? Let’s begin!