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Try our 20-question California DMV practice test for 2019 applicants today and find out if you’re ready to take on the DMV written test and earn your driving permit. Attempting to pass the DMV permit test California theory assessment without first applying your knowledge to some legitimate permit test questions would be a mistake, as there is no other way to find out for certain whether you have correctly understood the rules of the road and road signs you’ve been studying. California DMV practice tests on the internet are not in short supply, unfortunately most of them come with price tag or are not as up-to-date as their creators would like you to think. The quiz on this page is different to most others you will encounter, as it has been built exclusively with information from the 2019 permit book and is completely free to use! You can trust that the questions provided here are relevant to the state’s current DMV permit test and as such, are suitable for all learner drivers from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and every other city in California.

Now, if you have done your homework you will know that the real learners permit test California assessment has 46 permit test questions, not 20, as there are on this 2019 practice permit test. We have reduced the number of questions on our quiz to make sure that even the busiest of learner drivers can find time to complete it. The average time it takes to finish the DMV written test practice quiz is just five minutes! When you are done, you will be able to view your total score, the time it took you to complete the quiz and how those figures compare with the times and scores of other participating students. Do not worry that the reduced number of DMV practice test California questions on this quiz will make it easier to pass than the real exam, as our team have programmed the test with a higher passing threshold than the DMV test. On the actual permit test, you will be required to answer 85 percent of the questions correctly whereas here, a pass can only be achieved with a score of 80 percent or higher. If you can pass this DMV practice permit test, passing the real assessment should be a walk in the park.

Keeping track of your score as you work through our DMV permit test practice quiz is easy, as we have included a progress counter which will be visible beside each question. Here you can see how many correct and incorrect permit test answers you have provided, in addition to what percentage of the test you have currently completed. Any mistakes made during the permit test DMV quiz become learning opportunities, as the correct answer will always be highlighted following your response, alongside a bite-size explanation which will help you answer correctly in future. Take a moment to read through these comments as they appear, and you should easily be able to improve on your grade and time with each new attempt at the California practice permit test.

Both road signs and rules of the road are addressed with questions on this DMV test practice quiz, as the two subject areas will also appear side-by-side during the real assessment. As there are no DMV guidelines stating how many questions must be dedicated to road signs and road rules respectively, you should cover all bases and read the permit test study guide regularly. Our DMV California practice test is most effective when used with this manual!