Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Want to get ahead on your permit test?  Nothing could be easier!  We have prepared a great free California DMV cheat sheet that that will knock your socks off!  Twenty permit test questions that have been thoroughly researched with the help of the drivers manual, fused with helpful hints and topped off with detailed explanations - everything you needed to nail that permit test on your first visit!  Of course, we are not saying you should stop after going through this 2019 DMV cheat sheet - once done, jump over to any other California practice permit test we have to offer and drive it home!

Why are we calling this a DMV cheat sheet?  It's easy: it's a practice permit test that allows you to cheat!  That's right, not only do we allow it, we urge you to go ahead and cheat as much as you want while taking the quiz!  There are two ways you can cheat us on this test - either by using the "50/50" option, or by using hints before picking the right answer.  If you hit the "50/50" button, the practice test will remove two incorrect answers out of four, so you will only have to choose between the remaining two options!  That's a 50% chance of picking the right permit test answer!  Should you still have doubts, you can have the system give you a hint for the question, a few more details that can guide you to the right answer!  Between these two, there is really no chance to fail!

This California DMV cheat sheet has 46 multiple choice questions that are based on the real DMV permit test and the official drivers handbook, the book you should read at least once before you head over to the office.  You will need to answer at least 39 questions correctly if you want to pass, but we say you aim higher - 42 correct DMV written test answers and more every time you go through the cheat sheet - that's your goal for today!  The system shows you the right answer for each question right away and, should you pick a wrong one, you will see a detailed explanation of why the answer is correct.  Make sure to read those explanations, it just makes your life much easier and helps you study quicker!

One thing we have to mention, though.  While we urge you to cheat as much as you want on this 2019 California DMV cheat sheet (seriously, as much as you want, the practice test is completely free and there is nothing that stops you from taking it over and over again), don't you go and try to cheat at your local DMV office!  Getting caught will mean automatic failure and you may even be denied retaking your permit test for quite a while! And trust us, once you are done with every permit practice test for California we have here, you will be so good you won't need to cheat - you will have all of the DMV written test answers right there in your head!  All you need is a bit of time and dedication and you will fly through the test!     

Good luck at the DMV!