California DMV Road Signs Test Cheat Sheet 2024

Learn what matters! A FREE California DMV practice test with sample questions for the 2024 DMV road signs test!

  • 46 Questions
  • 85% Passing Score
  • 7 Mistakes Allowed
92% of students found this test helpful!
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California Permit Test Facts

  • Questions: 46
  • Correct answers to pass: 39
  • Passing score: 85%
  • Test locations: Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Offices
  • Test languages: English, Spanish, Hindi, Vietnamese
  • Based upon: California DMV handbook
  • Key questions: Traffic laws, road signs, fines & penalties, right-of-way rules, drug & alcohol awareness
Improve your chances of passing the test by reading the official California drivers manual Drivers Manual

Our road sign study sheet contains all the California DMV test questions and answers you could need, in preparation for the road signs test. This learners permit practice test CA signs quiz has been built to ensure every driving permit applicant feels comfortable answering road sign questions during the general knowledge exam. As this learning tool is a 2024 DMV cheat sheet as opposed to an ordinary California DMV practice test, it contains some seriously clever study aids to help participating students find the correct permit test answers! Besides this written test cheat sheet, the only other resource you will need in preparation for the DMV signs test is a copy of the California driver’s manual.

The DMV signs test in California is an extremely important aspect of the driver’s licensing process. New drivers must know how to interpret any road sign they encounter, without taking too much attention away from other driving tasks. As the road sign test is so essential, it accounts for approximately 25% of the overall DMV permit test. As the total assessment has 46 questions, you can expect to receive roughly 10 to 15 road sign California DMV test questions. This California DMV practice test signs quiz contains the same number of written test questions and answers as the real permit test. Though unlike the real California permit test, our road signs cheat sheet does not contain any material relating to rules of the road, alcohol awareness, traffic violations, fine or penalties. That’s right – all 46 questions on the cheat sheet cover road signs. No DMV California practice test quiz is better equipped to put your knowledge of regulatory signs, warning signs, guide signs and work zone signs to the test.

As a California permit test cheat sheet, this road signs permit practice test has been programmed to present a different set of 46 questions each time you use it. Like the real traffic signs test, our cheat sheet instantly assembles a quiz using information from a vast pool of road sign test questions, whenever a new user activates the test. This means that every round on the DMV permit practice test will challenge your knowledge slightly differently, often with new and exciting questions. If you continue to work on the California DMV cheat sheet until you no longer come up against new questions, you will know you have covered everything which may come up during the real street signs test. Any participant who can consistently pass the California DMV knowledge test cheat sheet with a score of 90% or higher should easily be able to pass the road signs portion of the permit test.

Quite unlike most other California DMV practice tests on the internet, our road signs cheat sheet comes with free, integrated study aids to help you out if you get stuck. By clicking the ‘hint’ or ‘50/50’ support button next to a question, the participating student can access a clue or remove half the incorrect CA permit test answers, effectively ‘cheating’ their way to the right answer. These incredible tools can be used during every question on the DMV written test practice quiz – or not used at all – as you see fit. We encourage our visitors to take full advantage of these study aids while using the DMV written test cheat sheet, as they will better your understanding of road sign meanings and leave you in a better position to pass the permit test. Check out our mixed-question road sign and rules of the road cheat sheet, when you are ready to work on other material!