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If you live anywhere in the state of Texas and would like to learn to drive a mid-weight commercial vehicle such as a single truck or a school bus, you will need to pass the Texas general knowledge DMV permit test, in order to start learning behind the wheel. The DMV permit test in Texas is the same all over the state, whether you live in Houston, Dallas or Fort Worth – so you don’t have to worry about finding suitable study resources for a regional TX DMV test. On the subject of suitable study resources: one of the fastest and most effective ways to prepare for your DMV written test 2020 in Texas is by using a reputable CDL Class B practice test for Texas, to reinforce what you’ve learned from the DMV drivers handbook.

Let’s get one thing straight now: no DPS practice permit test will ever be able to replace the DPS handbook. You must read the DPS handbook to make sure you’re up-to-speed with all the topics you could encounter on the real DMV test for Texas and above all else, to give you the knowledge you need to operate a Class B vehicle safely, while you’re learning. Fortunately, the Texas DMV handbook is available to download free of charge from the DPS website. You’ll be glad to know that this CDL practice test 2020 is also complete free to use, so you’ve got all the CDL permit study resources you could ever need, without it costing you a penny!

Does this Texas CDL practice test assess your knowledge in every area you will need to cover before you get behind the wheel? Not quite. As most Class B vehicles are equipped with air brakes, you will also need to pass a DPS written test 2020 which focuses exclusively on air brake operation. Passing this test will give you an Air Brake endorsement, on top of your standard learners permit. As this DPS general knowledge permit practice test is designed be like the real DPS permit test, it does not include any questions related to air brake operation. We have a separate DMV CDL practice test for Texas that you can use to revise for your Air Brake endorsement. Other optional endorsements which you might choose to add to your Class B leaners permit include the Passenger, HazMat, Tank and School Bus endorsements. They each come with their own DPS permit test and associated CDL practice test for Texas, which you can find right here on this website!

If you haven’t used a DMV permit practice test yet, we strongly recommend that you get started with this DMV practice test 2020 Texas quiz. This practice permit test for Texas provides the perfect introduction to the DPS permit test, because it is shorter than the real-life exam. While all the DMV test questions it uses are authentic, the length of the Texas DMV practice test is not. This is no accident. Our DPS experts have designed the DMV practice permit test to be shorter, so that its fast and easy for students to use, no matter how busy their lifestyle. We bet you’ll be surprised just how much fun DMV test practice can be with all the great images and helpful guidance you’ll find on this DMV CDL practice test!

Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself! There will never be an excuse not to study again thanks to this handy, bite-size CDL practice test 2020, it takes just a few minutes from start to finish.