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Passing your Class A permit test for Texas qualifies you to drive some of the largest and heaviest types of commercial vehicle in the United States. As the Class A CDL is the most advanced type of drivers license, Class A license holders are also qualified to drive any smaller vehicles that fit into the Class B or Class C categories. In order to fully qualify, Class A applicants must pass the CDL general knowledge DMV written test 2020, their practical driving DMV test in Texas and two smaller types of Texas Class A test. These last two exams are the DPS permit test for an Air Brake endorsement and a DPS permit test for a Combination Vehicle endorsement. You would need to take these after the main general knowledge DMV written test 2020 for Texas. We do have CDL practice tests which can help you prepare for both of the endorsement exams on this website, but we recommend you hold off and focus on this Texas CDL general knowledge practice test first, in order to use your study time wisely before the general knowledge DMV permit test.

The Air Brake and Combination Vehicle endorsements are set requirements for a Class A learners permit; you will have to pass at least these two extra exams. You may also wish to take other endorsement tests such as the Passenger DPS permit test if you want to drive a vehicle which carries people, or the HazMat DPS permit test if you will need to transport hazardous materials. Which of these extra permit tests you take will be decided by what you intend to do once you have passed the Texas Class A test. If you’re not sure, you don’t have to decide now. The wisest starting move is to get yourself ready for the general knowledge Class A license test for Texas; you can use this Class A general knowledge practice test Texas quiz to help direct your studies.

You will be asked the same questions on the TX DMV test, no matter which class of CDL permit you apply for. The test is always based on the same topics in the Texas DMV handbook. These topics cover all the basics such as vehicle inspection, vehicle control, shifting gears, controlling speed, seeing, communicating and space management. You will also find vital information on more specific driving situations in the DMV handbook, such as night driving, driving in fog, winter driving, mountain driving and hot weather driving. Likewise, you will find these topics addressed on our Texas CDL practice test 2020. As mentioned above, the only subjects this Class A practice test for Texas doesn’t cover are those related to specific endorsements.

Unlike other Class A drivers license practice tests, our DMV CDL practice test for Texas is totally free to use, as we don’t believe that students should have to pay for high-quality study materials. You need to read the DMV booklet at least once before starting this Texas DMV practice test so that you are somewhat familiar with the DMV test questions you’ll be asked. Done this already? Brilliant. Give the DPS practice permit test a try and see how you get on.

You don’t need to get stressed out if you struggle with any of the questions. You can ask the test to provide you with a hint if you get stuck. In the event that you do not understand one of the DMV CDL practice test answers, there will be extra information given with the answer that you can refer to – this will help you retain the information better. Try the test now and see how easy it can be!