To start learning to drive your vehicle on public roads, you must be able to read road signs and pavement markings. These traffic control devices serve to enforce the rules of the road, manage traffic flow, prevent conflict between road users and warn motorists of potential hazards. If any one driver on a stretch of road does not obey road signs and pavement markings, the risk of a collision occurring is significantly greater. Your knowledge of road signs and pavement markings will be assessed during the North Dakota DOT permit test. Use the information on this page to study for that exam and your learner’s permit will be in the bag before you know it!

There are four categories of road sign listed on this page: regulatory signs, warning signs, work zone signs and guide signs. Together, they encompass every road sign which could come up during the ND DMV written test. The 2024 permit test is randomly generated, which means it is impossible to predict which road signs and pavement markings you may be asked to identify. Prospective permit holders must therefore be well-versed in all road signs and pavement markings, to stand a good chance of passing the assessment. The meaning of many common regulatory road signs is obvious, even to inexperienced road users. Scrolling through the information on this page, you can probably identify the “STOP” sign, “ONE WAY” sign and the “WRONG WAY” sign. These traffic control devices are easy to understand as they use words to convey their meaning. Keep in mind that not all road signs and pavement markings on the DOT written test will be this easy to read. Many common road signs rely exclusively on colors, shapes and symbols to communicate with road users. To make sure you can interpret any road sign you encounter during the permit test – and while you are out driving – you must learn to read this simple code of colors and shapes. Our free driver’s education course for North Dakota learners will help you achieve this.

Our drivers ed course is designed to support your learning and progression through every stage of the driver’s licensing process. While you are studying road signs for the permit test ND exam, you should direct your attention to the “Signs, Signals & Markings” module. This chapter will explain what the shapes, patterns, colors and symbols used on road signs or painted on the roadway mean. Did you know that a solid lane dividing line means that motorists may not pass? Or that location information can always be found on blue and green road signs? You can find out all about these rules, and many more besides, by completing the driver’s ed program. Then, you should be able to work out the meaning of any road sign you encounter for the rest of your life as a qualified driver, even if it is a very obscure road sign which you have not seen before.

In preparation for the North Dakota permit test, you must reserve at least a small portion of your study time to answering realistic DMV practice test questions. This will help you to process and retain the information you have learned, while preparing you for the conditions you will face during the real ND DOT written test. We offer a whole range of authentic North Dakota DMV permit practice test quizzes here on, including one which only presents road signs and pavement marking questions. Like every learning tool we provide, this quiz is entirely free to use!

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