Passing the DOT permit test is the first milestone for all aspiring drivers in North Dakota. The DMV need to know that all new drivers can read road signs, understand pavement markings and obey road rules, before they start learning to drive a vehicle on public roads. These are the topics which will be addressed during the 2022 DOT written test. All the road rule and road sign information you need can be found in the ND permit book, which we offer as free download here on If you want to get ready for the permit test in the shortest possible time, use the other free learning tools we provide, to help you with the study material in the DMV handbook. With our resources, studying for the North Dakota permit test can be fast, stress-free and fun!

While the general knowledge DOT test is conducted as a first point of assessment for new drivers in every state, there are some differences in the size and content of the exam around the country. Taking the permit test in Fargo, Minot, Bismarck or any other North Dakota city means that you will be faced with a 25-question exam and expected to answer at least 19 questions correctly. Approximately two thirds of the ND DMV test will cover road rule topics, like right-of-way, seat belt laws, using intersections, expressway entry and exit procedures, choosing a driving lane, passenger laws and parking rules. The remaining third of the permit test will target regulatory signs, warning signs, guide signs, work zone signs and pavement markings. Many students choose to begin their preparation for the exam by learning about road signs and pavement markings. If you would like to start there, pop over to our road signs home page to learn more about the fantastic study tools we provide.

Every state-specific road rule you could be questioned on during the North Dakota learners permit test is listed in the DOT handbook. However, you will probably need to read every chapter of this permit test study guide carefully to find all the information you need. To make it easier to work on your road rule knowledge, our team have created a complete “Rules of the Road” module on our free driver’s education course, which includes every road rule from the permit book. The drivers ed course is designed to be worked through in order and should take around 30 hours to complete. However, we have programmed the course to allow users to move back and forth between modules as they see fit. This enables flexible learning and effective revision, as you can return to previously covered modules or focus purely on those that relate to the permit test – the choice is yours. As far as pavement markings and road signs are concerned, all the information you need is in the “Signs, Signals & Markings” chapter. The course is designed using the material from the current ND DMV handbook, so we can guarantee the information it presents is accurate and up to date.

The most effective study plans are those which include regular work with North Dakota DMV practice tests. It is not enough simply to hit the books hard; you must also spend time using what you have learned to answer realistic multiple-choice DOT test questions – like those on the real exam. We provide a variety of free ND DMV permit practice test quizzes, all of which use genuine permit test questions. Why not try your luck with one of our tests right now? Your initial score does not matter, as you are free to retake all our tests as many times as you like.

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