The study of road signs and pavement markings is one of the most important aspects of your learning journey as an aspiring driver. While the NC DMV permit test is relatively brief, there are hundreds of different warning signs, regulatory signs, guide signs, work zone signs and pavement markings which you could be asked to recall during the exam. To give you the best possible shot at passing the 2024 DMV written test first time, we have listed every road sign and marking you will need to memorize, here on this page. Start learning today or take one of our dedicated NC road signs DMV practice tests for a spin!

To become a safe and competent motorist who can stay on the right side of the law, you must learn how to read obscure road signs and recognize familiar signs at a distance. Road signs are easily the most important feature of the Highway Transportation System; they are everywhere, and they all serve different purposes! Regulatory road signs tell you about the rules in a particular area, warning signs inform you of impending dangers, work zone signs establish new rules around construction zones and guide signs provide you with information to assist in navigation. During the NC permit test, you will likely be faced with at least one question targeting each of these road signs categories. As you can see, we have sorted the road signs and pavement markings on this page into their categories, to help you understand and memorize them faster.

It is easy to recognize which category a road sign belongs to, as all the signs within a category have similarities in shape and color. For example, warning signs are all yellow and diamond-shaped, while regulatory signs are usually black and white rectangles. Certain important regulatory signs like “STOP” and “DO NOT ENTER” also feature the color red, to catch road users’ attention. During the permit test in North Carolina, you may encounter questions on road signs which you do not immediately recognize. If this happens, you can use your knowledge of road sign shapes and colors to work out the meaning of the sign, based on its category and the symbol or letters it contains. To learn more about road signs categories and pavement markings, we suggest working through the “Signs, Signals & Markings” section of our free NC driver’s education course. You will also find a ton of useful information on the drivers ed course, designed to help you with the other questions on the DMV permit test.

Use our road signs DMV practice test for North Carolina applicants to put your road sign knowledge to the test, once you have memorized the signs and markings on this page. In fact, there is no reason you can’t start out by taking on of our DMV practice tests prior to studying the material! Every DMV permit practice test we provide is available for free unlimited re-tests, so you can find out where you stand right now and then build up your final score over time. Unlike most NC DMV written practice test quizzes you will find online, this test only features authentic permit test questions covering road signs, signals and pavement markings, making it the perfect self-assessment tool to guide this aspect of your studies. When you are ready to start learning about road signs, traffic laws and alcohol awareness, we have free permit practice tests which cover that material too!

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