Getting your driver’s license in North Carolina can be a breeze, thanks to the fantastic resources and learning tools we offer here on With our free driver’s education course, driving manuals and top-quality DMV practice tests, you have everything you need to start studying for the NC learner’s permit test, ace the assessment and begin practicing your driving skills behind the wheel. As the driver’s licensing requirements are the same across the state, all the materials we provide are suitable for prospective drivers from Greensboro, Charlotte, Raleigh and every other NC city.

Every state conducts the driver’s licensing permit test a little differently. Here in North Carolina, the initial general knowledge test features 25 multiple-choice questions which cover rules of the road, road signs, pavement markings and alcohol awareness. Road signs are guaranteed to account for a significant portion of the exam, so if you’re looking for a place to start, check out our road signs home page to find all the road signs and markings you will need to learn. You will also find information on road signs and markings in the NC DMV handbook and our free drivers ed course, which is accessible in full online. All students will need a copy of the 2024 driver’s handbook to support their work with our materials. If you have yet to get your copy, download a PDF version free of charge from the DMV website or here on

Getting to grips with using the Highway Transportation System, understanding right-of-way and learning how to adapt your driving behavior to different roadway environments is made easier with our NC driver’s education course. Once you have passed the DMV written test with a score of 20 correct permit test answers or more, you will be qualified to start driving a car on public roadways under supervision. To make sure you progress as quickly as possible when the time comes, we recommend working through the drivers ed course before getting into the driver’s seat. In addition to practical advice on vehicle control, navigating intersections and driving in different environments, our course will teach you how to scan the roadway and drive defensively. Defensive driving is the key to avoiding conflict and preventing collisions. With the information we provide, you will learn to spot potentially dangerous situations before they occur and alter your behavior to avoid them.

Once you have logged the appropriate amount of behind-the-wheel practice time, you can apply to take the practical road skills test at your local NC DMV office. During that exam, you will be expected to perform basic driving maneuvers such as backing up, parking and making turns, while an examiner supervises you from the front passenger seat. All the information and advice you need to practice performing these maneuvers correctly can be found in the NC driver’s ed course. For now, let’s get back to studying for the DMV learners permit test, which will be the first challenge on your journey to achieving a full driver’s license.

Having used the DMV permit book and our driver’s ed course to familiarize yourself with rules of the road, road signs and alcohol awareness, you should put your new knowledge to the test with some real-life permit test questions. Here on, you will find a wide variety of DMV practice tests for North Carolina license applicants. Use these DMV tests to track your learning and get ready for the permit test. Like every other tool we provide, the NC DMV practice test quizzes are based on authentic information and are 100% free for all visitors to use.

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