The ability to recognize road signs and understand pavement markings is essential to all road users. When you take the MO permit test at your local DOR office, you will be asked to identify common road signs and markings as part of the assessment. Start learning about pavement markings and road signs for the permit test today, with the information and resources provided on this page. Here, we list every warning sign, regulatory sign, work zone sign, guide sign and pavement marking which you could be quizzed on during the 2024 DMV permit test. You will also find some high-quality DMV practice tests with which to measure your progress. Let’s get started!

Aspiring drivers must not attempt to cut corners in preparation for the Missouri DMV test, particularly where road signs are concerned. There are hundreds of road signs and pavement markings in common use around the United States, any of which could come up during the permit test. When you eventually start learning to drive on public roadways, you must be able to read these traffic control devices quickly, without taking too much attention away from the road around your vehicle. Our materials will help you to achieve this level of proficiency prior to the DMV written test in Missouri, by teaching you to recognize road sign categories. You should begin your studies by reading the “Signs, Signals & Markings” module of our MO driver’s education course and the associated material in your DMV handbook. With these tools, you can learn about the shapes, colors and meanings associated with different types of road sign. Approaching your studies this way is far more effective than diving right in and attempting to memorize hundreds of road signs individually. With the ability to read road sign colors, shapes and symbols, you should be able to work out the meaning of any unfamiliar road signs which come up during the permit test.

Once you are a little more confident with recognizing common road signs and pavement markings, you can use the comprehensive list on this page as a convenient source of revision material to refresh your memory and practice identifying signs, in the run up to the Missouri DMV permit test. Bookmark this page for easy access on your laptop, cellphone or mobile device any time you want to brush up on your knowledge. You will also find a selection of DMV permit practice test quizzes suitable for Missouri learners here on Many of our DMV practice permit tests contain a combination of road rule and road sign questions, as they are designed to mirror the format of the real DMV test. As it can be useful to revise road signs and pavement markings separately, we have also put together a dedicated road signs practice test which does not include any road rule questions. Feel free to try out the quiz before you get started, to find out where your road sign knowledge currently stands. You can retake the test to improve on your score as often as needed prior to the permit test in Missouri.

Drivers in Missouri who wish to renew an expired license will also have to take a road signs recognition test, to prove their knowledge of road signs and pavement markings is still up to scratch. The renewal road signs test will cover the same road signs and pavement markings as the initial general knowledge permit test. Therefore, our revision tools, driver’s education course and MO DMV practice tests are also suitable for established drivers who are studying to renew a license.

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