Learning about road signs, pavement markings, rules of the road and the theory of driving is the first challenge for aspiring drivers in the state of Missouri. Before you can legally get behind the wheel and start learning to drive, you must prove you have learned enough about these subjects to operate a vehicle without endangering yourself, or other members of the public. You will do this by taking on the Missouri DOR permit test at your local test center in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield or another major city in the state. If you are wondering how best to get ready for the permit test, you have come to the right place!

With so many learning resources available online and in the stores, choosing reliable, accurate and up-to-date materials to study for the DMV written test can get confusing. We have made things nice and simple, by putting together the highest quality learning tools and offering them to all MO driving students, free of charge. Here on ePermitTest.com, you will find a free driver’s education course for Missouri students which covers every aspect of driving theory, from rules of the road and road signs, to defensive driving techniques and dealing with hazardous environments. There is a great deal of information to get through prior to the 2024 permit test, but don’t worry, you are free to revisit each module of our drivers ed course as many times as you like over the coming days and weeks. We recommend dedicating most of your study time to the modules dealing with alcohol and drug awareness, rules of the road, road signs and pavement markings, as these are the subjects which will be addressed during the 25-question Missouri DMV test. The exam itself is relatively short, but keep in mind that there is no way to determine which material you will be asked about during the test – it is entirely randomized.

In addition to our free driver’s ed course, you will need a 2024 copy of the MO driving manual. Also available here on ePermitTest.com, the manual lists all essential road signs and state-specific road rules which may be addressed on the permit test. There is also a ton of useful information in the manual relating to your driver responsibilities, traffic violations, penalties and licensing procedures. To make sure you are ready for the initial general knowledge test, you must read all relevant chapters of the permit book at least once. While road signs and pavement markings are listed in the driving manual, sifting through irrelevant material to find them can be a little bit of a chore. For a complete list of all the road signs and markings you must learn prior to the DMV permit test, visit our road signs and pavement markings home page. There you can access clearly organized revision tools to help you with this aspect of the exam, from any laptop, cell phone or internet-enabled mobile device.

Students who spend time answering DMV practice test questions prior to the permit test in Missouri are substantially more likely to pass the assessment first time, as compared to students who rely exclusively on the driver’s handbook. With this in mind, we have created and published a comprehensive collection of unique DMV permit practice test MO quizzes, to give you the opportunity to apply what you have learned prior to the real exam. Use our dedicated road signs practice test to target your road signs knowledge or our combination DMV practice test, for a mixture of road rule and road sign questions.

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