The Mississippi road signs test is administered as part of the overall driver’s general knowledge permit test. During that exam, you could be asked about any of the road signs or pavement markings listed below. All new drivers must pass the DPS permit test before they can receive a learner’s permit and start learning to drive on public roads. With this comprehensive list of road signs and markings, plus the free learning tools we provide, you can make sure you’re ready for any permit test questions which arise at the DMV test center. Are you ready to start studying?

Getting acquainted with pavement markings and road signs for the permit test can take some time. There are hundreds of different road signs and markings you could encounter while driving and you must understand all of them, in order to stay safe and obey the rules of the road. Using the road signs list, driver’s education course and MS DPS practice tests we provide, you can cut your study time down and get ready for the 2024 permit test in the shortest possible time, while also maximizing your chances of passing it!

Scanning through the road signs on this page, you may encounter some which you already recognize. Road signs like “STOP”, “DO NOT ENTER” and “ONE WAY” are easy to understand as their messages are clearly displayed in writing. But what about other road signs which may appear on the Mississippi permit test, that rely exclusively on symbols, shapes and colors? While these road signs do not use words to convey their meaning, they can still be “read” just as easily, if you understand what these colors, shapes and symbols mean. For example, a yellow diamond always serves as a warning about a nearby hazard, while black and white rectangular signs enforce road rules. Especially important regulatory signs always feature the color red, to grab motorists’ attention, like the “STOP”, “YIELD” and “WRONG WAY” signs. Learning these shape and color codes will allow you to interpret road signs faster while driving, minimizing the amount of time your attention is averted from the road. This knowledge will also help you get through the MS DMV written test, should you be faced with a question that you do not immediately know the answer to.

Our Mississippi driver’s education course breaks down everything you will need to learn about driving theory, before taking the final road skills exam. It also contains a dedicated module on road signs, pavement markings and other traffic control devices. To ensure your success on the day of the permit test, we strongly recommend completing this module in addition to memorizing the signs and markings on this page and reading the MS DPS permit book. Some of the road signs listed here are examples of common types of regulatory sign, warning sign, guide sign or work zone sign. As such, they may appear slightly different during questions on the Mississippi DMV test. Our drivers education course will teach you to read the underlying code of colors, symbols and shapes which connect all United States road signs, so you will not be thrown off your game by minor variations in road sign design.

You do not have to wait until the day of the permit test to find out if you have learned enough about road signs and pavement markings. Using the MS DPS practice permit test we provide, you can practice answering realistic road sign and pavement marking questions as you work through the study material. It does not matter how many times you revisit the quiz, as all our DMV practice tests are 100% free!

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