Studying for your driver’s license in Mississippi is not simply a matter of hopping into the driver’s seat and practicing vehicle control skills. To drive safely on public roadways and navigate the Highway Transportation System without creating conflict, all motorists must know the rules of the road and be able to read traffic control devices, like road signs and pavement markings. Before you can start working on your practical driving skills, you must study rules of the road and road signs, then demonstrate what you have learned by passing the MS DMV permit test. Here on, you will find free DMV practice permit tests, a driver’s education course and a wealth of invaluable information, to help you get ready for that test.

The Mississippi DPS written test will be conducted at a Department of Motor Vehicles office in Jackson, Hattiesburg, Tupelo, or whichever city is closest to you. The permit test is computerized and will present you with 30, randomly chosen multiple-choice questions, one at a time. Roughly one third of these questions will focus on road signs, while the remaining two thirds target rules of the road. To pass, you must select the correct permit test answers on at least 24 questions. You may have noticed that the number of permit test questions on the MS DMV test doesn’t exactly match up with the amount of material in the driver’s handbook. There is an enormous amount of road rule and road sign information in that guide – far too much to be covered in 30 questions. Do not make the fatal error of thinking this means you can get away with cutting corners while you study. As the Mississippi permit test is randomly generated, there is no way to know which road signs or road rules you will be questioned on. No two 30-question exams are exactly alike, so you need to make sure you are ready for anything.

Completing a reputable driver’s education course like the one we provide is a great way to make sure you have covered everything you need to know for the permit test and the final road skills exam. Unlike many online courses, our 2024 drivers ed program is completely free and flexible. You can choose to work through each module consecutively or jump back and forth between modules, as you see fit. With this in mind, you may find it beneficial to dedicate most of your pre-permit test study time to the “Rules of the Road” and “Signs, Signals & Markings” chapters, as these contain the information that is addressed during the test. Keep in mind that most Mississippi DMV tests also reserve a few questions for drug and alcohol awareness, which is covered in our driver impairment module. Whenever you would like to put your new driving knowledge to the test, take a break from studying to work on one of our authentic, free practice permit test MS quizzes.

Having successfully passed the general knowledge permit test with a score of 24 or above, you can direct your attention to the modules on our Mississippi driver’s ed course which deal with practical driving skills. We start at the very beginning by introducing you to your responsibilities as a driver and helping you to get acquainted with the vehicle you will be driving. Then, we discuss essential driving maneuvers, driving in hazardous conditions, different roadway environments, defensive driving and roadway scanning techniques. Using this information to inform your practice will give you a better shot at getting through the practical road skills permit test first time. Your priority should be learning to perform maneuvers safely, as this is what the DPS examiner will ultimately be looking for.

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