Learning how to read road signs and pavement markings is a vital aspect of your driver’s training. While they may seem like a mystery right now, take comfort in the fact that all experienced motorists can understand road signs and pavement markings instantly, without having to take their attention away from the road. Your knowledge of pavement markings and road signs will be assessed during the Minnesota DPS permit test, before you obtain a learner’s permit. This DMV written test exists to ensure all new drivers know enough about road signs and rules of the road to start learning to drive, without becoming a hazard. With the complete list of road signs and pavement markings on this page, plus the high-quality learning tools we provide, you can make sure you are ready to ace the DMV permit test and walk away with a learner license.

Most novice drivers can recognize some of the most common road signs already, like “STOP”, “YIELD” “ONE WAY” and “DO NOT ENTER”. These signs are easy to understand because – excluding some “YIELD” signs – they usually include words which clearly explain their meaning. The trick to memorizing slightly less obvious road signs for the permit test is to look at the colors, symbols and shapes they feature. United States road signs share a common “language”, whereby certain shapes and colors have specific meanings. For example, an inverted red triangle always means “yield” and a red circle with a diagonal line cutting across a symbol means that action is prohibited. Warning signs are among the most recognizable, as they all feature a black symbol on a yellow diamond. Train yourself to look for these color and shape themes while memorizing road signs for the MN permit test, and you should have no trouble with the road sign questions during the exam.

When it comes to the hidden language of road signs and pavement markings, you can learn everything you need to know to get through the DMV permit test, from the “Signs, Signals & Markings” section of our free driver’s education course. We suggest working through that module in addition to memorizing the road signs on this page, while studying for the road signs test. However you choose to go about learning road signs for the DMV written test, you will eventually need to apply what you have learned to some real-life DMV test questions before sitting the exam. This is essential to your success, as you may otherwise be thrown off by the pressure of being in an exam environment. Use the DMV practice permit test road signs quiz we provide, when you are ready to test your new knowledge. Like the real permit test questions, our DMV practice test will present you with individual road signs or road sign meanings and ask you to choose the matching meaning or image from a multiple-choice list. You are free to reattempt the quiz as many times as you feel is necessary – there is no pressure to pass or earn a great score right away.

When you are done browsing through the regulatory signs, warning signs, guide signs, work zone signs and pavement markings listed here, why not bookmark this page for easy access later? The MN driving manual also contains all the road signs you must learn prior to the permit test, though, trying to find the information you need in this mammoth manual can be a bit of a chore. Now, you can jump straight to it with your laptop, cell phone or mobile device, whenever you want to revise road signs and pavement markings for the 2024 Minnesota permit test.

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