The Minnesota DMV recommend using the official 2024 driver’s manual to study for the general knowledge permit test. That manual contains a list of every traffic law, road rule, pavement marking and road sign which may be addressed during the multiple-choice exam. Get your copy today here, or directly from the DPS website. If you are serious about passing the permit test first time, you should use our free supporting resources to help you with the information in the DMV handbook. On this page, you have access to a free driver’s education course, helpful guidance and several top-quality DMV practice permit tests, completely free of charge!

Before we talk a little more about the resources on offer, let us assure you that the materials we provide are appropriate for students of all ages from Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Duluth and every other city in the state. The same rules of the road apply across Minnesota, which means the permit test is conducted according to the same criteria. During the assessment, you will be individually presented with 40 multiple-choice questions targeting rules of the road, road signs, pavement markings and alcohol awareness. Applicants must answer at least 32 questions correctly to qualify for a learner license, which enables them to start practicing their driving skills under supervision.

It is important to keep in mind that the MN DPS written test is randomly generated. This means you could be asked about any of the information in the driving manual which relates to rules of the road or road signs. Take a quick browse through the manual and you will see there is a lot to learn but don’t panic, our Minnesota drivers ed course will break everything down into manageable lessons. In the run up to the permit test it may be wise to direct most of your energy towards the “Rules of the Road” and “Signs, Signals & Markings” modules, as most of the information you will encounter during the test is found here. Later, you can go over the modules on driver responsibility, vehicle control, driving in hazardous conditions, basic vehicle maintenance and driving maneuvers in more detail, as the information they contain will prepare you for the practical road skills test. As our driver’s education course is free, you are under no pressure to complete every lesson within a specific time frame. Take your time and work through it at your own pace.

Aspiring drivers do not have to wait until they’re ready for the permit test to find out what DMV test questions are like. Using the free MN practice permit test quizzes we offer, you can get the inside scoop on what you’re up against right now! Every test on our website can be retaken as many times as you like, which means you can build up towards a passing score over time. Getting acquainted with realistic permit test questions is an essential part of your exam preparation, as it will expose any weak areas in your knowledge which may otherwise jeopardize your chances of passing. Check out the feedback page at the end of each road rule and road sign quiz, for a complete list of incorrectly answered questions and the answers you should have chosen. Next time you return to our Minnesota driver’s ed course to study for the permit test, you can jump straight to the lessons you most need to work on.

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