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We took everything you loved about the first Minnesota practice permit test, added new great questions on road rules and road signs and this is what we've ended up with - another awesome free Minnesota permit practice test 2019, guaranteed to help you obtain that drivers permit you always wanted much sooner!  Still wasting your time on reading this? Stop reading and start hammering away on those MN permit test practice questions right now and don't stop until you can answer at least 18 questions every time you take the quiz!

We are really not going to argue the importance of taking sample practice tests to you.  Is there any point? The mere fact that you are currently here shows that you already know all the advantages these permit practice quizzes give you and you don't need any additional convincing.  There is another thing we would like to ask of you and that is to read the Minnesota drivers manual before you start taking any practice permit tests!  If you have already gone through the manual  - good on you, jump right back to working on these sample Minnesota permit test practice questions!  If you have not read the manual, please stop and do so now!  Seriously, just drop everything you are doing, download a copy of the handbook and read it at least once.  Don't be frightened by the size of the book, we know it can be a bit overwhelming at times, but it is not as bad as it seems!  The good news is that you don't have to memorize everything in the book, just skim over it once, set the manual aside and start working on this free permit practice test for MN!  Whenever you hit a question you cannot answer off the top of your head, pick up the book and research the answer in the book! Yes, it is there.  The manual contains answers to all permit test questions, the Minnesota permit test is based exclusively on the materials presented in the book, that's why we want you to make it your primary permit test study guide.  Keep researching all questions you can't answer with the help of the booklet and you will see that learning curve spike in no time at all!

Those too lazy to read the book – our Minnesota permit practice test got you covered too.  We could not leave you hanging and that's why we have developed a number of study aids you can use while working on these permit test questions.  These practice permit test study aids are located under the “help me” section and you can call upon their assistance any time!  The 50/50 button makes your life much easier by removing two incorrect answers from the screen, leaving you to choose between the remaining two options.  Works for every question!  Hints work in a much more subtle way, they are small tips that will guide you towards the right answer without giving it away.  It is our belief that you will get the most out of this 2019 MN permit practice test if you always start by using hints and leave the 50/50 button only for absolutely hopeless cases.

Just like with any other online permit practice test for Minnesota on the website, this quiz contains only multiple choice questions.  The test is graded on the go and you always know where you stand.  At the end of the practice exam, you can review all questions you have missed, along with correct answers.  You may want to write them down and then repeat the practice test once more to see if you can do better this time!

We wish you the best on the Minnesota permit test 2019!   Let us know how this practice permit test helped you pass the real DMV exam!